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The Gracious Living Guide will provide inspiration, tips, and support to elevate your life experiences and help you to live a life you love. With our help, you will be able to make even the simple things more elegant, exhibit genuine hospitality, and add a dash of beauty and grace to all that you do.

Make this the day you begin your gracious life.

-Kim Cox, Founder of Gracious Living Guide


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Global Entry

You had a wonderful time on your international vacation.  But now you are exhausted.  The plane just landed and all you can think about is your comfy bed. For most of you, that sceanario continues with you standing in a long line to get through customs.  You’ve seen those lines – they look like Disneyland!  You’ll never see me in that line!  I have Global Entry.

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Closet hacks

Hallelujah! Summer is over and the season is changing!  A change in season means that it’s time to change out your closet!  What joy!  I know you’re looking forward to hauling those summer clothes to the attic and dragging those heavy sweaters and coats down.  What a “first world” problem to have! Read more

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Cuffing season

As it starts to get cold, animals and humans alike start to think of hibernating and riding out the cold weather that’s coming.  No one hibernates alone, so its time to find you a cuddle buddy.  It’s cuffing season!  Read more



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Create A Gracious Life

We're more than tablescapes and party planning - but there's some of that, too.

Raise The Bar

Add a little glamour and a lot of grace to everyday living with a few simple tweaks to your daily routine.

Seek Adventure

Explore intimate, lively, and bucket-list worthy locations around the globe. Plus, learn practical ways to maximize your dollar and your time.


Learn the ins and outs of throwing the ultimate shindig. You’ll be the Hostess With The Mostess in no time.

Rules Of Engagement

You will be more confident and self-assured as you learn the “how to’s” for every situation, be it home, work, fashion or entertaining.

My Favorite Things

Join us as we share some of the things that we can’t live without and discover future “must haves.”

Me, Inc.

Whether you are shedding weight, adopting a healthy lifestyle, or simply changing your approach to life; get the motivation you need the craft the “me” that you want to be and want the world to see.


What Does It Mean To Live Graciously?

Living graciously is a lifestyle choice and a state of mind. It obliges you to make a conscious effort to live intentionally and to embrace and appreciate every facet of your life. It involves acknowledging the finest of details and knowing how to present even the simplest things elegantly and exquisitely. When you live graciously, everything around you becomes a bit more beautiful and every person in your life will feel like an honored guest. Living graciously means showing appreciation – genuine gratitude – for every encounter and every experience.


What’s The Gracious Living Guide?

In our microwave world of tight deadlines, impossible family obligations and forgotten self-care, it may seem that a gracious life is unattainable. Nothing could be further from the truth. With a little effort and a little je ne sais quoi, gracious living will become an unconscious part of your daily routine. Our goal is to make approachable elegance your personal standard and not the exception. Perfection is not required.

Through our guide, we will offer first hand experiences, do it yourself tutorials, product reviews and digital guidebooks to help you experience home, work, entertaining, travel and even wellness in a different, more fulfilling way.

Welcome to Gracious Living.


Meet Your Guide: Kim Cox

Kim Cox is a life enthusiast and a lover of all things beautiful. She resides in Memphis, Tennessee with her husband, Robert. She is the mother of two girls, Kennedy and Blair, who share her zest for life. In addition to being a wife and mother, Kim practiced law for over 20 years.

Like all modern women, Kim shares the stress of balancing the “to dos” with the desire to live a life she loves. In her quest to find that balance, she has seen many examples of gracious living in action and has refined what it means to live graciously. By creating the Gracious Living Guide, Kim hopes to inspire others to elevate the aesthetic of their lives, balancing substance with beauty and graciousness.

Kim has authored two guidebooks for children on etiquette and parliamentary procedure and a witty and insightful travelogue of her family’s summer long adventure in Europe. She is currently writing a regular column for Southern Soul Magazine called “The Gracious Traveler.” Kim is particularly passionate about tablescapes and is always ready to welcome guests to a beautifully set table.

When not serving the community or houseguests, Kim enjoys traveling the world in search of her next adventure.


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