March 29, 2016 Kim Cox

Tired of Trying To Be Perfect? Martha Stewart Doesn’t Live Here

Let Go Of The Guilt! The Martha Stewart Goal of Perfection is Unrealistic. Learn a Few Tricks and Focus on What's Important to You and Your Family.
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I used to be Martha Stewart’s biggest fan. I would plan my day around watching her show and getting the latest homemaking ideas from the diva of all divas. For my own mental health though, I had to stop. I found that despite the good ideas she may have had, when the show went off, I always felt terrible. When Martha made a meal, all of her ingredients were freshly picked, plucked or squeezed.  She cut no corners in presenting the perfect meal with flourish and fanfare. My measly efforts always paled next to hers. At some point, I felt like nothing I could do could meet up to her standards, so why even try.

2016-03-01 15.18.39 Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is NOT my role model (anymore).

And then it hit me – Martha Stewart is like Barbie – she has everything! Martha has a garden out back with fresh vegetables and herbs, cage free chickens for fresh poultry and eggs, and the all important off camera assistant doing all her prep and other hard work! Martha Stewart is like the duck swimming across a pond. All you see is the smooth, seemingly effortless movement across the top of the water. What you don’t see are her feet (or in Martha’s case, her assistant’s feet) furiously paddling right below the surface.

Farmer's Market

Farmer’s Market Fresh Vegetables = Nutritious Meals

As much as we would all like to gather our ingredients from the source and present five-star quality meals on a daily basis, it just doesn’t happen….. and its okay to let go of the guilt. We might not have the resources that Martha Stewart has but we do have a few weapons in our arsenal. Instead of going to the farm, go to the farmer’s market to pick up fresh and organic ingredients. On days when you do have time, prepare meals for multiple days.  Keep a stockpile of ready-to-cook family favorites like meatloaf, macaroni and cheese as well as cooked ground beef and chicken in the freezer. You will be ready for those days when you get home late and don’t really have time to plan and cook a meal from scratch.

Despite how or when the meal was prepared, at the end of the day, your family will enjoy a nutritious meal, and you will have the energy left to sit down and enjoy it with them. Isn’t that what you want anyway?

Inspirational Thought
Perfection is not always the goal. Figure out what’s important and make that your goal.

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