July 14, 2016 Kim Cox

Creating Extraordinary Tablescapes With Ordinary Items

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What’s your excuse for not setting a beautiful table?

You don’t have the time.
You don’t have “pretty” things.
You don’t know how.

My answer to you… It only takes a minute, you have everything you need, and I can show you how!


Close your eyes and imagine a beautifully set table.  Do you envision silver candelabras, English linens,  bone china and limited edition flatware? Now I want you to open your eyes, look around your house and see that everything you need to set a beautiful table is already there!

Everyday tablescape
This table was set using food items,  dish towels, branches from my yard and dishes from the back of my cabinet.  You have those those things, right? Then you, too, can create a beautiful table!


In this tablescape, I use dish towels for the placemat. It anchors the green and yellow color scheme. The nubby texture of the dish towels also create depth.

Everyday tablescape

My plate stack consists of a charger that I already had and mismatched dishes that were on the top shelves of my cupboard, leftover from a previous sets.  Don’t worry if your things don’t match. Some of the most creative tablescapes are made with mismatched items. As long as you have a unifying element, you are fine. The unifying element in this case is the color. The dishes match the color scheme, even though they don’t match each other. See, it works!


Everyday tablescapr


The centerpiece for this table involves no flowers! Sometimes your budget may not allow you to order a centerpiece from a florist, or even get a prearranged bouquet from the grocery store.  At the time I created this tablescape, I didn’t have any large blooms in my yard so I had to get creative. My bloomless trees still had branches,  so I cut a few and it worked out beautifully. Magnolia leaves have that deep, glossy green color on one side, and the reddish brown flat coloring on the other. I also love how the glossiness of the leaves plays against the nubby texture of the placemats. All of these elements create a visual eye dance that keeps your table interesting. To that base, I added candles, gathered in the center and lemons – yes lemons –  to further carry out the color scheme.


Everyday tablesetting
Using regular items in unusual ways inserts an element of surprise in tablescapes.  In this setting, egg cups are used as a part of the three-part place card holder. The egg cups add a bit of lift which keeps the tablescape from being flat. This is especially important since this tablescape doesn’t have a tall centerpiece.  The oranges provide an accent color and are yet another unexpected use of a food item.

Everyday tablescape
Wine bottles have a multitude of uses in tablescapes.  Here, I use the dark green ones as candle holders. You can also use them as vases, and if they are clear, fill them with water colored with food coloring to complement your color scheme.

Everyday tablescape



This tablescape is made complete with an easy-to-do napkin fold which incorporates the flatware tied with twine that I had saved from some gift wrap. The small white flowers and mint were cut from my yard. The napkin fold is easy. Click here for step by step directions.

Everyday tablescape



This whole tablescape took about 30 minutes to create and cost nothing!  You, too, can create a beautiful custom tablescape with things you already have. Give it a try!

Everyday tablescapes

Look at a table as a blank canvas. You can do ANYTHING you want, using whatever tools you choose. Think a little outside the box, tap into your inner artist and set a beautiful custom tablesetting that your family and friends will enjoy!





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