July 29, 2016 Kim Cox

Life Hack – Cordless Curling Iron and Flat Iron

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The Thermacell Cordless Curling Iron and Flat Iron by Conair is a necessity when you are away from an electrical outlet, traveling abroad – or just running late in the morning.

Curling iron

I hate to admit it.  My morning routine is so frantic that I rarely have time to curl my hair before it’s time to walk out the door!  On those days, the Thermacell Cordless Curling Iron by Conair is a lifesaver.  Its cordless design makes it portable – you can use it anywhere, including in the car! (only if you are a passenger, wink, wink!)

Curling iron

The  portability of these cordless products means you should never be caught without your “do” being done; you can do your hair anywhere!  Both the curling iron and the flat iron (I usually use the curling iron) heat up very quickly and get hot enough to curl or straighten even the most unmanageable tresses.

The cordless design also makes it a “must have” when traveling abroad.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve plugged in my regular curling iron, equipped with an adapter, only to have it burn out before my trip was up.  My cordless curling iron has never failed me and has always lasted long enough to get me through my trip.  Because it runs on a small amount of butane gas, you can take it on the airplane with no problems. (I pack mine in my suitcase.  I do not take it in my carryon.)

Curling iron


The fuel source is a butane cartridge that screws into the bottom of the barrel housing.   It lasts a pretty long time; for me it lasts several months. (I don’t use my cordless curling iron everyday.) The cartridges can be purchased separately.


Curling iron

When I list the things that make my life work, this is always on the list.   I keep one in my car and my suitcase. I have had one version or another for several years.

Curling iron


 You can purchase these products with one click!

To purchase the Conair Thermacell Cordless Curling Iron, click here.

To purchase the Conair Thermacell Cordless Flat Iron, click here.

To purchase additional fuel cell cartridges, click here.

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