August 1, 2016 Kim Cox

Modern Etiquette – 10 Questions You Need Answered

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Modern living and our casual approach to life have blurred the lines of etiquette. How are we supposed to know how to act and what to do in a given situation? Well, worry no more. I’ve tackled ten of your most pressing modern etiquette issues! Keep reading for age old answers to modern day etiquette questions.


1.  Is it ever okay to list where you are registered on an invitation?

Absolutely not. You might as well stamp the invitation with a “tacky” stamp! By listing the registry on the invitation, you are creating an impression that you are expecting a gift. Although you might like to receive one, don’t make it so obvious

2.  How do you invite someone to dinner without offering to pay?

Communication is key. When the invitation is extended, saying something like, “Would you like to get together for dinner?”  should be enough to express your desire to dine but not to pay. If, however, you are dining with Mary the Moocher, you might want to go a step further and discreetly mention to the waitstaff that there will be two checks.

3. Is it ok to leave your smartphone on the table during dinner? What if it’s face down?

There is no place on the table for a cell phone, unless you are a doctor on call or a parent with a babysitter at home; and even then, you should make that known at the outset. Having/using a cellphone at the table sends a message that your dining companion is not as important as the person who calls/texts you. If that’s the message you want to send, why are you dining with this person anyway?


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4. How do you determine whether you should post something on social media?

It’s easy.   Ask yourself if you would be embarrassed if your mother or your boss saw it. If that answer is no, post it. (And I’m secretly hoping your boss or mother has thin skin.)

5. What should you do when someone is giving you TMI? (too much information)

We are in an era of over sharing. When you are in a conversation and the person starts to get too personal, smile politely and change the subject. If they continue, be blunt and tell them you just can’t handle the information. If they still persist, God help you.

6. Should you offer a fist pump rather than a handshake during flu season?

Maybe with your close friends, but with the general public, no. Carry some hand sanitizer in your pocket (to use discreetly) and get a flu shot.

7. Is it okay to smoke e-cigarettes indoors?

If it’s not okay to smoke indoors, it’s not okay to smoke indoors, e-cigarettes or not.  No exception is allowed. Take your but(ts) elsewhere.

8. Where do you put a name tag – right or left side?

Name tags should always be placed on the right side. When you shake hands, (with your right hand), your eye is naturally drawn to the right shoulder.


9. Is it okay to use all caps when you are trying to make a point on social media?

Using all caps is the same as screaming, so if you think it’s okay to scream to get your point across, don’t expect a lot of “likes.”

10. Is it okay to drink from the little cocktail straws/stirrers?

Yes. That is perfectly acceptable.

Manners matter,
Good looks help,
But humor is a must!

Do you have an etiquette question that you would like answered? Leave your question in the comments.

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