August 23, 2016 Kim Cox

Summer Cocktails: The Secret To An Endless Summer

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Cocktails anyone?

School is back in session and you’re already wishing it were summer again!  Does an endless summer sound like paradise to you?  You CAN have an endless summer – you just have to know the secret….

Here’s the secret! (You knew I’d tell you…….lol.)

An endless summer requires refreshing drinks – in endless supply!  (You can do that, right?) I’ve compiled the ultimate list of my favorite refreshing summer drinks.  I’ve even provided easy to follow recipes and videos.  Just click the links and you’ll have everything you need to have an endless summer.


Ok ladies, we are about to become mixmasters! 



Refreshing cocktail recipes, just for you! 



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Red Wine Sangria.  This is my absolute favorite summer drink. It is the perfect combination of refreshing and relaxing.







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Mojito.  I found the best recipe for mojitos on the side of a souvenir glass!  Of course I tweaked it a little….

Here’s a tip:  Buying mint can get expensive, especially if you drink as many mojitos as I do.  Mint is easy to grow.  I suggest that you grow it in a container because it grows like weeds – which is good for drink making, but not so good for your garden.


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St. Germain Cocktail.  This is a very light and very sweet summer drink.  It’s perfect to help you remember hot days in the back yard.




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Pina Colada White Wine Sangria. When you’re craving the taste of pineapple and coconut but don’t want to get the blender out, this drink is for you.







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4.  Pineapple Mimosa.  Why settle for a regular old mimosa when you could have this?  You don’t need a recipe – just substitute orange juice with pineapple juice.

Before you make this drink, take this fun quiz to find out your Champagne I.Q.)


Image Source:Lemon drop martini


6.  Lemon Drop Martini.  This drink won me over. The jeckle/hyde nature of this sweet/tart drink is just what you need for a summer soirée.





Mint julep


7.  Mint Julep.  Don’t relegate this drink to derby day – it’s good any day!

Here’s a tip: The same mint syrup you use for this recipe can be used to enhance the flavor of your mojitos too!

Champagne punch



Champagne Punch.  The ingredients in this recipe don’t do it justice.  You can’t imagine how good this is until you make it!  Keep some frozen mix in your freezer for an impromptu gathering.





Rum punch



9.  Rum Punch – Barbados Style.  Straight from Barbados, this easy to remember recipe is a summertime favorite.  The VIDEO  shows step by step how easy it is to make this batch of goodness!

Watermelon cocktail

Image Source: recipes




10.  Watermelon Martini or Punch.    No summer drink list is complete without a watermelon drink and this one is YUMMY! To really make a statement, serve it in a watermelon dispenser!  (The instructions are in the link for the recipe.)





Gracious Girls, don’t drink alone, invite some friends and have a party!  

Read my posts,  Cocktail Party Commandments, and How To Be A Gracious Hostess

to help you throw the ultimate shindig!  



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