September 9, 2016 Kim Cox

My Favorite Things – Patio Tablecloth With Umbrella Hole

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A Patio Tablecloth With an Umbrella Hole

Have you ever wanted to put an umbrella on your patio table, but had to decide whether you wanted the tablecloth or the umbrella because you couldn’t have both? You had to decide between shade and beauty.   The solution – a zippered tablecloth with a hole for the umbrella!  Who knew!

I didn’t know about zippered tablecloths and I bet you didn’t either!  I wish I had known it before I DIYed my own and ruined several perfectly good tablecloths.   Whenever I wanted to make my patio table special, I cut a hole in the tablecloth and put the umbrella through it.  It worked, but it ruined a good tablecloth and it looked like like just what it was  – a tablecloth with a hole in it!

Patio tablecloth

Lo and behold, there’s some smart cookie out there who solved the delimma – a zippered tablecloth with a hole for the umbrella!  Put the tablecloth on the table, going around the umbrella and just zip it up! The tablecloth has a nice finished look and no messy DIY hole.   Genius!

Remember the tablescape I showed you earlier this week?

Dollar store

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Patio tablecloth
The tablecloth used in the earlier blog post was a zippered one!  It’s beautiful pattern perfectly compliments the tablescape and it’s practical too.  It has a thin layer of vinyl that protects it from spills, but doesn’t “look plastic.”


Zippered tablecloths are not easy to find; I happened to find one while I was looking for something else. I was surprised to learn that Amazon has them.

You can get one without leaving home by clicking here.

Patio tablecloth


Now your your al fresco meal just got better. Enjoy the shade as you set your table with a beautiful zippered tablecloth! Now if I could just do something about the mosquitoes……

I bet you never knew there was such a thing! Now we both know! 

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