October 26, 2016 Kim Cox

Do You Know A Lady when You See One? (Or How To Be One)

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All ladies are women, but all women are not ladies….

Can you tell the difference between a lady and a woman? If you were to be classified, which category would you fall within?  Let’s take a look and make sure you are  properly “classy-fied!”

Dressing the Part


To look like a lady, first you must dress the part. Whether it’s tailored sophitistication or tastefully casual, you can tell a lady by her dress. While designer duds aren’t required, but appropriate attire is.

A lady always leaves something to the imagination. She is never vulgar or too revealing. As a rule, only show one asset at a time. For example, if you are wearing something low cut, wear a longer, looser fit. If you are wearing something form fitting, be modest with your hemline and bustline. Showing too much all at once is not the hallmark of a lady.

Posture is Important



Ladies always stand erect; there’s no slouching on this job! She walks with her shoulders back and her back straight, as she glides across the room. Don’t laugh, but practicing walking with a book on your head really does help.



The same rule applies to siting. A lady is no slouch. She sits just as she walks, with her back straight and her shoulders back. Once she is seated, she crosses her legs at the ankles, instead of At the knee.

Walking in Heels


A lady is equally comfortable in high heels as she is flats. She makes sure that she can walk comfortably and erect in her shoes or she doesn’t buy them, no matter how cute they are. When walking in heels, she doesn’t put her whole foot down, but walks heel to toe, taking long strides. She does not “tip” around in heels that are so high that it affects her gait.

Getting into a Car


A lady knows how to get into and out of a car with grace. There won’t be any photos of her on the Internet with her underwear on display when entering or exiting a car.


When a lady gets into a car, she sits first, then swings her feet into the car with her knees together.


She then leans over and closes the door, if there is no one there to close it for her. She does the same in reverse when she exits the car.

Walking Up and Down Stairs


A lady confidently walks up and down stairs, either holding on to the handrail or looking down – but not both. If she chooses to look down, she glances up every step or two. It goes without saying that both of her feet are never on the same step at the same time, unless she is elderly or injured.

Dealing with Rudeness

Just as it is easier to catch bees with honey than vinegar, a lady always uses kindness like a magic wand.  Instead of meeting rudeness with more rudeness, a lady rises above the fray and models good behavior for the lesser informed.  Her response can often eliminate the joy that others may find in rudeness, changing a volatile situation into a mutually beneficial one.

Knowing the Rules Of Etiquette


A lady is as comfortable at a backyard barbeque as she is at a state dinner. Because rules of etiquette are second nature to her, she knows appropriate etiquette for every situation, and if she doesn’t, she takes cues from her host. Her command of etiquette allows her to focus less on what to do with what’s on the table, and gives her ease in enjoying those around it.

Never Looking Down Her Nose at Others

A lady always treats others with respect, especially those whom society may deem inferior.  She understands that all people have value, and that is evident in her dealings with others.  She is mindful of the quote, “Be nice to people on your way up; you’ll see the same people on your way down”

And it goes without saying……

A lady is always gracious.



Being a female is a matter of birth.

Being a woman is a matter of age.

Being a lady is a matter of choice.



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Photo credits:  Kim Thomas of KPFusion.com.

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