November 10, 2016 Kim Cox

Autumn Inspiration: Decorating with Pumpkins

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 Amazing Ways to Decorate With Pumpkins

It’s fall y’all and it’s time to decorate for this festive season.  Don’t put up your Christmas tree just yet – give fall its due!  Let’s decorate with pumpkins. You will be surprised at the many types of pumpkins you can use and how creatively you can use them.

I love pumpkins because they are so easy to incorporate into your décor.  Don’t like the bright orange round ones?  No worries!  They come in all colors, sizes and shapes.   Don’t know what to do with your pumpkins?  No worries, we got you!


Soft Hued Pumpkins
There are no jack-o-lantern type pumpkins here!  Pumpkins come in a variety of colors.  No matter what your color scheme, you can find a pumpkin to accentuate it.   Pumpkins come in hues of peach, pink, gray, green and multicolored.


These muted tones say “fall” without screaming it. Don’t you love how the soft colors work together?  Wouldn’t you love to incorporate some of these into your fall décor?


White Pumpkins
I love white pumpkins. They come in all sizes and shapes and provide limitless options for fall decor. They are perfect when you don’t want lots of color.  You can create a monochromatic look or combine them with other natural elements for an elegant look.


I love this!  The white pumpkins look perfect mixed with the dark greenery and a touch of gold.  This beautiful table decor was created by my friend, Deena. Thanks for sharing!


Don’t limit yourself to round pumpkins; there are too many other shapes that are interesting and that lend themselves to creative decorating. I love the flat, squat ones that are stackable, including the Cinderella, porcelain doll and the blue Jarrahdale.



I buy these cuties every year. They are called turbans and you can see why. I love the bulge at the top and the striped color pattern of red/orange, white and green. They are perfect for sitting atop a pumpkin stack.

Get Creative!

Pumpkins are such great decorating elements; you can often just set them out and you’re done.  But we do more than that, don’t we, Gracious Girls?


     Pumpkin Vase

pumpkinsPumpkins make beautiful receptacles for flower arrangements.  Just cut a hole in the top and plop your arrangement in…OK, its a little more than that – but  only a little.  If you want me to write a post telling you detailed instructions, just let me know in the comments.


     pumpkins     Pumpkin Stack

This is another one that’s so easy, I almost hate to mention it.  When making your pumpkin stack, don’t feel limited to the short, fat pumpkins.  Round ones will do just as well; just pay more attention to selecting your pumpkins to make sure they don’t fall.

A pumpkin stack is pretty just as it is, but you can add elements between the pumpkins to jazz it up a bit.  In this one, I used magnolia leaves.  I used straw in the stack at the beginning of the post. Take a look.  Which one do you like best?

Don’t go through all the trouble to decorate with pumpkins, only to have them rot before the season is over. Click here to learn how to pre-treat them to extend their lives.


 A Little Lagniappe (A  Little Something Extra)

    Indian Corn


What kind of world would this be if we didn’t do a little something extra?  Indian corn is so colorful and adds such texture to your décor.  Here, I made a teepee by taking one of the husks and wrapping it around the top.  Isn’t it cute how it stands on its own?



     Don’t Forget Your Flowers!


I always try to incorporate live flowers in my décor.  These aren’t cut, so they should last all season.

Cinnamon Brooms



You see these all the time at the entrance to the grocery store.  I had never bought one until this year, but I will buy them every year now!    They are both decorative and they pack a powerful cinnamon smell – I warn you, it’s really strong!  To the plain broom, I added a bow of fall ribbon.


Want to see how my fall décor came together?




All I need is a fire and I’m ready for fall.



Don’t forget!  Pre-treat  your pumpkins to extend their lives. Don’t let them rot before the season is over.   Click here to learn how.



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