January 1, 2017 Kim Cox

15 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Be Making!

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15 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Be Making

Each year, we welcome a new year with expectation and determination to do better. We optimistically make promises to ourselves – promises that will make us better, healthier more productive humans.

Do you even remember the resolutions you  made last year? Not only do you probably not remember them, you probably didn’t even work on them past February.   According to research, only 8% of us keep the resolutions we make. Are you in that 8%? Odds are, you’re not.

Gracious Girls, we want to be women of our word – especially when it comes to promises we make to ourselves! We really do want to become better, healthier and more productive humans. This year, we’re gonna make that happen, not just in January, but all year long.

First, we will start by making the best kind of resolutions-resolutions with big impact and realistic outcomes.  Don’t feel obligated to take on all of these but if you choose a few and really focus on them, you will be the better for it.

1. Travel To A Place That You’ve Never Been.

New year's resolutions



Travel challenges you.  It broadens your point of view and forces you to see the world and the people in it differently; not to mention that it’s fun, exciting and breaks up the humdrum of life. If your budget doesn’t allow for a big trip, take a road trip to and go as far as a tank of gas will take you.  You will be enriched for the effort, and create some great memories. Read about my journey, discovering the magic of Morocc by clicking here.    It was truly a life transforming trip.

2.  Learn Something New



New year's resolutions

What’s that thing you always wanted to do?  Every moment of our lives, we should be growing and evolving, but it is so easy to stick to the familiar. This year, dust off your desires and make a list of the things you want to do, then pick a different one each month and try it. Even if turns out that you don’t like it or aren’t good at it, at least you know you tried.

3.  Rekindle a Relationship With a Long Lost Friend or Relative.

New year's resolutions

Wouldn’t it be nice to relieve old times with someone who knew you back when? Break down your barriers and do it.


4. Make a New Friend.

The older you get, the more you want to keep your friend circle close. You have created a safe cocoon that keeps the drama to a minimum, and that is predictable. The problem with this scenario is that you are missing out on life experiences that could be fun and exciting. Take a risk, enlarge your friend circle, let someone new in and enjoy the fruits that they bring to your life.

5. Be Kind To Your Body.

New year's resolutions


At the top of most resolution lists is “lose ____ pounds.” Obesity is a symptom of an underlying issue and losing weight only solves part of your problem. Why not resolve to eat better, get more sleep, exercise more, drink more water, etc. Embrace the “whole” you and develop a comprehensive plan that doesn’t just focus on one area.

6. Sieze The Day.

Want to start a new business, run a marathon, make a perfect soufflé, or break a glass ceiling? Identify the end goal and start. NOW.  Procrastination is not your friend. Even if you don’t have your plan fully developed, there is some part of it that you can start doing. No excuses!

7. Be Grateful.

New yea's resolutions


Our society pushes us to want more. What it does not tell us is that we already have more – more than we need, more than most people. I guarantee you that you will feel more fulfilled, more satisfied and rich beyond belief if you focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have, and express genuine gratitude for it. Need more inspiration about choosing gratitude? Click here. 

8. Reduce Your Debt/Guilt Load.


Are you loaded down by debt – things you owe and things you need to do? Refer to number 6. Start today, making incremental progress toward paying things off and getting things done. Set aside some time each day to work on the plan, and then work the plan. Your stress level will reduce significantly.


9. Get Your Documents in Order.

New year's resolutions

Tomorrow is not promised to us. Don’t leave a mess for your loved ones to have to untangle.

10. Volunteer.

Feeling bad about your life? One sure way to feel better is to volunteer. Not only will you put some good out into the world, you will realize that your problems may not be as big as they seem.


11. Learn a Survival Skill.

Learn to change a tire or a self-defense move. You never know when you’ll need it!


12. Spend More Time With People That Matter.


It’s so easy to take those closest to us for granted. Spend more time with family and good friends.

13. Be More Conscientious.

You CAN be more successful, punctual and organized. You’ve just got to decide to do it. Thank is the year to do it.

14. Schedule Some Time For Yourself.

New year's resolutions


We are often so busy taking care of others that we fail to take care of ourselves. It’s okay to stop, take some “me” time and pamper yourself a bit. Click here to read more about why it’s so important.


15.  Yield To A Higher Power

Let go and let God.  Sometimes we work at a goal that seems elusive.  Sometimes it’s best to lean less on our own abilities and more on God.  If the thing is for you, it will be yours.


Happy New Year, Gracious Girls!


May this year bring more love to your life, more success on your horizons and more peace to your souls. 



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