January 10, 2017 Kim Cox

Jet-Etiquette: Airplane Etiquette for the Savvy Traveler

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Airplane Etiquette that all of us need to know!

Those of you who travel a lot know that air travel tests the best of us. After we haul our own luggage, stand in lines and undress in front of strangers, then we squeeze ourselves into seats too small for the average American for several hours.

That’s enough to make even the most agreeable person a little grumpy…


As with everything in life, we do our best with the circumstances which we are given, and some of us do better than others. We can make sure we’re at our best by following a few simple rules! Buckle in, get comfy and let’s fly!

Airplane etiquette        

 1.  Have your boarding pass and I.D. ready. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last few years, you should know that you will need both of these things for airplane travel. So, save the fellow travelers in line behind you some aggravation and keep these items out.

2.  Plan ahead and wear clothes and jewelry that won’t hold everybody up. The airport is not the place to show off your lace up boots or Mr. T. chains. Minimize your jewelry, wear easy to remove clothing and bring your good attitude with you.

3.  When boarding the plane, carry your luggage low and in front of you. This allows you to control the luggage and prevents aisle passengers from getting banged up by your bag.

4.  Put your luggage in the overhead bin vertically, rather then horizontally, and on its side, if possible.  Overhead bins are deep enough to allow you to put your luggage in the long way. This will take up less horizontal space, thus allowing room for more carryons.

Airplane etiquette

5.  Consider keeping your seat upright. This is a personal choice.

6. Offer to put up someone else’s luggage. It’s just kind. It also may help to speed along the process.

7.  Swap seats for families. Keep in mind that all passengers will arrive at the destination at the same time. So what does it matter to you which seat you’re in? Let the kids sit with their parents, or YOU  can responsible for feeding them snacks and keeping them quiet.

8.  Keep an eye on your kids. Understand that no one on the plane loves your kids more than you. We don’t think it’s cute when your brat continuously kicks the back of the sat while singing the abc song. Make.It.Stop.

Airplane etiquette

9.  Respect the space – or lack of it. Don’t you hate it when you sit next to someone and they spill out of their seat into yours? It’s not their fault, the seat is too small!) Here’s the solution; as you are getting in your seat, put the armrest down to create a natural boundary. It’s not rude, really.

10.  Speaking of armrests, let the middle seat passenger use them. It’s the right thing to do.

11.   Don’t confront passengers – let flight attendants do it. Are you sitting next to someone who stays on the cellphone during take-off, or someone who is playing their music too loud? Don’t start a fight with them, just hit the call button.

12.  Don’t grab the back of the seat in front of you. When you are getting up, push down on the armrests instead.

Airplane etiquette

13.  Get what you need from your carry-on before you sit. Don’t you hate it when you get comfy in your window seat and you realize that you need something from the bag you stored overhead? Your seat mates do too. Plan ahead.

14.  Don’t talk to your seat mate unless he gives you clues that he wants to talk. Nothing is worse than a chatty seatmate. Don’t be that guy. Stop talking. If you are sitting next to that guy, click here to find out what you should have packed in your carry-on to get him to shut up.

15.  Don’t eat smelly food or pop gum. So you chew gum to help your ears pop….that doesn’t give you license to pop gum!  Cut it out. Spit it out. And while I understand that airline food is non-existent (it was bad anyway!) and you might need to bring food onto the plane, pick something that doesn’t smell. For example, no tuna or barbeque – unless…you have enough to share with everyone!

Airplane etiquette

16.  Be mindful of snoring. I had the unfortunate experience of sitting across the aisle from a snorer on a two hour flight. Sheer agony. I couldn’t “accidentally” bump him because I was in a middle seat, so I had to endure two hours of his hog calling……. (I should have tried #11 above!)

17.  As you leave, let the people in the rows before you exit. Even if you are trying to make a close connection, it’s impolite to jump the line. Wait your turn!

18.  Thank your flight attendant. Not everyone is as kind, polite and travel savvy as you!  (Pebbles, that was for you!)

So tell me, did you learn any Airplane Etiquette that you didn’t know?  If so, comment below.

Happy Travels!

Airplane etiquette


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