January 13, 2017 Kim Cox

Tablescape Inspiration: The Colors of Morocco

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Tablescape Inspiration : The colors of MOROCCO

I am still musing about my trip to Morocco last spring. A beautiful country with beautiful people and customs, all with an exotic flair. Click here to read about my trip.   I brought home many souvenirs – leathers, textiles, silver, etc., but most all I brought home beautiful memories and an enlarged view of the world. (Funny how travel does that!)

Tablescape inspiration

This tablescape was inspired by my trip to Morocco last year. Vibrant colors were everywhere and used with abandon. From the electric blues, warm yellows, bold reds, to the hot fuchsias, color is part of their culture and plays a big part in the tapestry of Morocco.

I love a colorful table, just as much as I love a muted or monotone one. Many people are afraid of color and for good reason;  used improperly, it can become garish or tacky.  But when properly used, it can brighten up and liven up your tablescape! Don’t be afraid of color; use it!


In this tablescape, I started with a white tablecloth, but I could have used a brightly hued one just as easily.  When using bright colors, it is easiest to stay in the same hue. The colors that I chose to highlight are the bright blues that you find everywhere in Morocco, and the bright pink, or fuchsia, which is my favorite color.



Both the pink and blue colors are found in the table runner/square, which in this case, is a favorite scarf of mine. Don’t be afraid to use items that you don’t typically see on a tabletop. A tabletop is your canvas and you can paint or decorate it any way, with anything that you like.


I anchored this tablescape with a gold charger – who doesn’t love a touch of gold? So…. why stop with just a little? Notice the gold in the filagree on the glasses and the gold flatware, not to mention the gold focal point of the pink boxes.


Speaking of the boxes, don’t they just “make” this tablescape? Juxtaposed against the bright blue, they give this table the “umph” that it needs to take it to the next level. These boxes were a nod to an excellent dinner I had at Le Topsil, a beautiful restaurant in the medina of Marakech. After a wonderful multi-course meal, our bill was presented in a beautiful box. Imagine your guests delight upon seeing these beautiful boxes on your table, perhaps with a menu card inside. (A bill would be quite inappropriate to present to your guests!)


This tablescape uses a candelabra in a most unusual way. Instead of adding candles to your candelabra, try flowers! I secured small bowls to the candelabra and filled them with flowers. This adds interests to the tablescape and is a wonderful way to showcase your flowers. What do you think?

The candelabra also carries through the bright pink theme -but it didn’t start that way. Spray paint covers many a sin, and in this case, it transformed a drab brown candelabra into an eye catching pink one.

I purposely created this tablescape with items found stateside. You, too can create this tablescape, just keep it colorful!


The inspiration for this tablescape was the colors of Morocco.  I challenge you to let color inspire your next tablescape!

Photo credit: Kim Thomas of KPFusion.com

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