January 24, 2017 Kim Cox

The Secret to Walking in High Heels

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Secrets Revealed:  How to Walk in High Heels

Some people are just born knowing how to walk in heels. If you aren’t one of them don’t worry. We leave no woman behind! We can let you in on the tips and tricks to get you “runway ready” in no time!

Don’t you hate it when you see someone walking in heels that are too high, too unstable or just too much for them? They walk like they are tip-toeing on glass or loping across a field.  They lean forward, walking flat-footed or with their knees bent like a cave woman.  They may as well just take the shoes off and walk around with them in their hands! (and why not just dangle a piece of straw from the corner of your mouth to complete the look!)  Are you guessing that I feel strongly about this?

Don’t. Be. That. Girl.

High Heels

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.

Marilyn Monroe


High heels are the ultimate accessory for every woman. Women wearing heels are perceived to be more feminine, sexier and more confident.  High heels can take an everyday look to a special day look – without a change of clothes.  High heels help to give you a “pulled together” look, an illusion of elegance. It also doesn’t hurt that they make your legs look longer. (This is helpful to the vertically challenged amongst us.

Gracious Girls, can we strut our stuff  in our high heels? If you are at all hesitant to give a resounding “yes,” this one’s for you.

High heels

Before you even take a step….

  1. Exercise your foot muscles.

Walking in high heels uses a different set of muscles than walking in flats. It is important to exercise those muscles.  Doctors suggest that you write the alphabet with your foot daily to ensure that all your foot muscles are being activated.

  1. Start off small.

If you’re not used to walking in heels, it’s probably not a good idea to start with the 6 inch stilettos! Start with lower heels and work your way up.

high heels

  1. Pick the right shoe.

It goes without saying that the shoe must fit. Shoes that are too large will require you to modify your gait to keep them on.  Shoes that are too small will pinch your toes or rub your heels, causing pain that will eventually cause you to walk differently.  Your goal is to walk as naturally as possible and buying ill-fitting shoes works against you.

  1. Strengthen your inner core.

Walking in heel engages your abdominal muscles. Your inner core must be strong to support the posture necessary to walk upright and confidently.  Your Pilates and Pure Barre classes will pay off here.

high heels

  1. Posture, Posture, Posture

Posture goes a long way in elevating your look whether you’re wearing  high heels or flats. To get the correct posture for walking in high heels, imagine that there is a string from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head.  If you pull it taunt, everything should be in stacked one on top of the other. Your head, back and torso should all be in alignment and your pelvis should be neutral.

6.  Pitch is important in baseball and shoes.

The “pitch” of the shoe is important. The pitch is the “rise” of the shoe or the angle created from heel to the ball of your foot. If the pitch is too steep, it will force your weight forward, putting too much pressure on the ball of your foot. This will not only cause you foot pain, but will compromise your stability.

7.  Not all Shoes are created equal.

high heels

a.  If you are new to the high heel wearing game, get a shoes with a thicker heel. They provide more stability and are much easier to walk in.

b.  Get a platform shoe. You will be surprised at how high of a heel you can wear if you select a platform shoe. The extra width of the sole counteracts the height of the heel. While your heel may be higher, your pitch is not as steep, allowing you to walk comfortably in a higher heel.

c.  Try a wedge. Wedges are the secret weapon for non-heel wearers. You get full support of your foot, while giving the illusion of high heels.




high heels

  1. Pull your shoulders back and assume the upright position.

  2. Walk heel to toe. When you wear flats, you can put your whole foot down at once, but in heels, it is important that your heels hit the floor floor, followed seamlessly by the ball of your foot.

  3. Take as long a step as you can. Because you are in heels, you will naturally take a shorter step, but it should not be so small that you look you are wearing Japanese okobo shoes. Long, natural, heel to toe steps will give you an elegant look in high heels.

  4. Don’t bend your knee anymore than you naturally would. This is a sure way to spot a novice high heel wearer.

  5. Swing your arms naturally.

  6. Don’t look down – the floor isn’t moving! Looking down while wearing high heels defeats the purpose. (Your purpose is to look fierce and confident!)


Insider Tips:

Here are a few things I’ve learned from years of wearing high heels.

high heels

  1. When trying on high heels, if I can’t stand with my knees locked, the heel is too high.  (See rule #4 above.)  Another trick is to see if you can tip toe in them, lifting your heel from the floor.  If you can, these are probably the right shoes for you.
  2. Walking in heels puts a lot of stress on the ball of your foot. I put a shoe pad in the bottom of almost every high heel shoe I own. It acts as a buffer and lessens the impact when my foot strikes the floor.
  3. I never wear shoes out that I haven’t’ worn around in the house. (Picture that – housecoat and heels!  ha-ha!) Shoes really do have a break-in period and its best to get that out of the way while you are at home.
  4. If they hurt when you try them on, they will hurt later. Pass on this pair.

High heels

Gracious Girls, I expect to see all of you walking elegantly and confidently in your high heels!

Photo credit:  Kim Thomas of kpfusion.com

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