January 31, 2017 Kim Cox

She Sips Tea…

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January is National Hot Tea month and although this is the last day of the month, it’s not too late to celebrate! Grab a cup, get settled in and let’s sip some tea.

Depending on whether you are a millennial or baby boomer, you may have expected something different from this post…

National hot tea month

The term sipping tea means something different to a millennial than to a baby boomer. When we baby boomers hear the term “sipping tea, we envision a warm, cup of freshly brewed tea, warming our heart and body.  The term “tea” or to be exact, “spillin’ tea”  or “sippin’ tea,” has been co-opted  by millennials to mean sharing gossip or dishing the deets (details).   If you thought this article was about gossip, you will be disappointed…

The drinking of tea originated in China hundreds of years ago and the tradition is still strong today. Whether your cup is green or black, a good cup of tea in the morning can energize you, or relax you at the end of the day. Click the link to read my post, Tea Time is Me Time – Take Time For Tea (Me). 

National hot tea month

Made from the dried leaf of the Camellia Sinensis, tea, especially green tea, has medicinal qualities, but most of us drink it because it tastes good and the warmth of it is soothing. While technically tea can only be made of tea leaves, herbal and other teas have the same soothing benefits and are can be ranked with superfoods for their medicinal qualities. For more information, check out my post, Drink Your Way to Good Health. 

Because America is a coffee drinking society, we tea drinkers find ourselves pushed to the perimeter.  Every break room has a coffee pot, never a teapot – we are lucky if we can locate a tea bag!  But tea is:

  • Cheaper than coffee (It literally costs pennies to make!)
  • Easier to make than coffee
  • Chock full of health benefits

So for the lady bosses who are reading this, change out that coffee pot and replace it with a tea pot (and watch your office become an episode of Prison Break)  or at least provide a pot of hot water for the rest of us.

In honor of National Hot Tea Month, take today to explore and experience a warm cup of tea. Try a new variety; replace that cup of coffee with a cup of tea – just for today!  You might even spill the tea, while you’re sipping tea…

And because we must learn something from every post…


How to Brew a Proper Cup of Tea

National hot tea month

Image source:slummysinglemummy.com



  1. Draw Fresh Water from the faucet. If you are using bottled water, don’t use distilled. Distilled water lacks minerals and will leave your tea tasting flat.
  1. Heat water to a gentle boil.
  1. Pour some of the water into the cup or pot and rinse out. This process of warming the cup or pot is called “hot the pot.”
  1. Put the loose tea or tea bag into the cup.
  1. Pour water in cup and allow to steep p for 3 minutes for green tea, 3-5 minutes for black tea and 5 -8 minutes for herbal teas
  1. Remove tea and enjoy!



May your day be filled with productivi-TEA and prosperi-TEA!

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