February 3, 2017 Kim Cox

Super Bowl Snacks That’ll Be Gone By Halftime

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It’s Super Bowl time.  Are You Ready For Some Football?

I’m not a football fan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like a good football party!  And for a non-football fan, what’s the best part of the party? The halftime show and the food, of course! Gracious Girls, let’s get in the huddle and come up with some Super Bowl snacks that’all have ’em asking for a replay!  

Super Bowl

A football party is the easiest party to throw. It is not a nuanced event and there’s no ambiance to create. Very little is needed in terms of decor.  A good Super Bowl party requires only 3 things; a great game, a big screen, and food and drinks. The first is out of your control and the second is either there or it’s not. Where you can make a difference is with the last one, food and drinks.

Super Bowl Party Made Easy


Football parties are very low brow events when it comes to food; you don’t need anything fancy. There’s no need to slave over a stove because your guests will be just as happy if you get takeout!   Football fans are simple beings. They just want the food hot and the beer cold, and we Gracious Girls can handle that.

When thinking of your football food, think, simple; meat, bread, chips, etc. Burgers, hot dogs, sub sandwiches and chicken wings are standard fare. Add in some chips and dip, and you’re set. You can relax and enjoy the game and the conversation. (or, if you’re like me, a good book.)

But we Gracious Girls always try to do a little better than good enough, now don’t we? I’ve got some menu items to add to your usual football fare.  All of it is easy to make and is so tasty it’ll be gone by halftime!

Bun-less Burgers

Are burgers on your menu? For the carb conscious, this menu choice is a diet disaster, but we can fix that with our bun-less burger skewers. Take all the ingredients-except the bun and put them on a skewer. Yum! All the flavor of a burger, without the carbs. I’d call that a touchdown!
It makes a beautiful presentation and deleting the bread leaves more room for chips!

Loaded Tots

What goes better with burgers than fries?   These loaded tater tots are crowd pleasers!  Who doesn’t like potato, cheese and bacon, with the taste of ranch dressing sprinkled all over it? That’s a winner in anyone’s book! (For a no carb alternative, take a look at my zucchini fries recipe.  

For Loaded Tots you will need:
Frozen tater tots. (this would be just as good with fries)
Powdered ranch dressing
Bacon bits
Cheddar cheese.

Here’s how you cook them:
Cook the tater tots according to the directions.   Toss them in ranch dressing powder and top with cheese and bacon bits. You can put them on skewers for easy pick up, or place them on a platter. Yum!

Grown-up Corn Dogs

Nobody loves corn dogs more than I do, but I gave up beef! (ok, so I sneak a little every now and then.) Since turkey or chicken corn dogs are nearly impossible to find, what’s a corn dog loving Gracious Girl to do? Make her own, of course! Not only can you can use whatever type dog you choose, you save all the calories of fried corn dogs, because these are baked!

Here’s what you need:
Hot dogs
Corn bread mix
Here’s what you do:

Make cornbread using you favorite mix. (I love Jiffy) Spoon into mini-muffin pans. Cut hot dogs into fourths, and place a hot dog in the center of each muffin. Cook according to cornbread mix instructions. (This recipe is fantastic with chicken and apple sausage!)

Buffalo Chicken Calzone


Do your football fanatics like wings? Why not serve a less messy version? The buffalo chicken calzone is easy to make and easy to eat. We use canned biscuits to create a “pocket” for the meat and sauce, so no more messy fingers. Use mozzarella strips to decorate them like footballs and you’re done! This calzone will take you all the way to the endzone!

For this dish you will need:
Canned biscuits
Chicken, cubed

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

Blue Cheese

Here’s what you do:

Separate the biscuits and roll each one into an oval shape. Spoon chicken mixture on one end, then top with cheese. Fold the biscuit over and seal the edges with a fork. Cook according to directions.

(For a variation on this recipe, substitute the hot sauce and blue cheese with barbecue sauce and mozzarella and you have barbecue chicken calzones.)


Now all you need is ice cold beer!

Come game time, you’ll find me curled up on the couch until halftime…….


I’m on team Gracious Girls!

Super Bowl

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