February 10, 2017 Kim Cox

Valentine’s Day Table For Two

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I’m so in love…with Valentine’s Day!  It’s a holiday that celebrates LOVE!

Valentine’s Day conjures up romantic notions of intimate moments spent with the one you love. Whether you are falling  in love, or falling in love all over again, this romantic table for two is set just for you!


A quick glance at this table tells you that love and romance are on the menu!

Valentine's Day

Imagine that this beautiful table for two was set in your home, either by you or someone who loves you. Doesn’t a quiet dinner at home at this beautiful table seem more inviting than facing the crowds and enduring bad service at busy restaurants on Valentine’s Day?  You may choose to forgo the crowds when I show you how easy it is for you to set this table for the one you love.  (Or if you’d like to have him set the table for you, give him the link and tell him to email me if he needs help!)

Valentine's Day



Valentine’s Day Tablescape

Valentine's Day


Traditionally, Valentine’s decor dictates a palette of pink and/or red, and I have chosen red as my color palette. I just love red.  It’s so intense, just like love.

The color red brings with it so much drama and this table brings it on! From the sparkly red tablecloth, to the dramatic feather adorning the napkin, the drama is served up HOT!

The drama begins as this plush heart shaped pillow beckons you to “come hither,” have a seat and get comfortable.

Valentine's Day

If wine tastes better in a beautiful wine glass, then this wine must be fantastic! The mirror-like surface of the glasses plays off of the jewels in the picture frame. The silver quatrefoil design adds visual fluidity to the glass.

Valentine's Day

The plate stack on this table is a thing of sheer beauty. Starting with the white beaded charger that creates a color play with the white chairs, the winding beaded pattern adds depth and interest to the table.  Atop the charger is a red dinner plate, then a white one, once again adding depth and height.

  • Valentine's DayWhat really sets this table off is the dramatic napkin fold which is the focal point of the table. It all begins with the red napkin, folded into a heart shape.  This napkin fold is easy to do.  Click here for the easy tutorial.   The heart shaped napkin fold is accented by feathers of red and black, then completed with a red rose.  This plate stack is so pretty, you will hate to dismantle it to eat!

Valentine's Day

What Valentine’s dinner is complete without roses and chocolate, and this tablescape has both! The roses are arranged very simply. Red roses are so elegant, all you need is to put them in a vase. (But if you really want to make it special and create a beautiful arrangement, check out my post, “How To Create Stunning Bouquets From Grocery Store Flowers.”

valentine's day

As for the chocolate, Valentine’s Day is all about decadence, and I’ve got you covered on that front!  There’s nothing more decadent than chocolate, so a chocolate Valentine’s Day dessert it is!

Here’s our Gracious Girl Secret Tip of the Day!

Valentine's Day

The chocolate flourless torte stack is lovely, isn’t it?…if only it were a chocolate flourless torte! It is merely a thinly cooked brownie, cut into a circle with a cookie cutter, with icing piped between the layers. It is essentially an iced brownie but it looks fancy, doesn’t it? Don’t tell anyone.  Let them think we spent hours in the kitchen! You see, all a Gracious Girl need is a little creativity (and a few instructions)  to make something simple look complex and rich.

I have taken you as far as I can for your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, the rest is up to you!

Valentine's Day


Photo Credit:  Kim Thomas of KPFusion.com

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