February 13, 2017 Kim Cox

Celebrate Galentine’s Day!

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Celebrate your squad on Galentine’s Day!

Your squad. Your Gal Pals. Your Broad Brigade. Whatever you call the amazing women in your life, today is the day we celebrate them!

Galentine’s Day had its quirky start on the TV show, Parks and Recreation. Leslie Knope declared February 13th as Galentine’s Day, the day we leave our husband and boyfriends behind and celebrate the ladies in our lives. And what do we do for Galentine’s Day? Celebrate in Gracious style, of course.

You are invited…

Galentine's day
Gather the girls and get ready for some bubbles, giggles and a little pampering!

Galentine's day

Pink is the perfect color for some girl time fun. Not Victoria’s Secret pink, but soft pink. Pink that conjures images of safe spaces and comfort – like how your girlfriends are always there for you. Nurture your friendships with pink as your base color.

Galentine's day

Expecting flowers on Valentine’s Day? Surprise her with flowers one day early! Girls who give girls flowers get super powers!

Galentine's day

Dress her with flowers!

Flowers don’t have to come in a bouquet. This creative cutie is dressed in flowers! This darling thing makes me want a flower skirt, a real flower skirt.   Can’t you just  imagine this on your dresser, or on the dresser of your girlfriend? This could become a part of your regular décor.  Gorgeous! It serves as a great focal point for this Galentine’s Day celebration. Want to get one?  Click here.

Galentine's day
Girls just wanna have fun, so let the bubbly begin! Let the girls pop the cork on their own individual mini bottles of champagne! Since it’s not very lady like to drink straight from the bottle, add a straw onto the bottle with a matching ribbon. If you are a teetotaler, get those cute mini milk bottles at the craft store and add the straw and ribbon.   Sip, sip and sip again! So cute!

Galentine's day

Make your Galentine’s Day a pamper party! Whether you decide to paint each other’s nails or have someone come in and do them, your girlfriends will feel like honored guests! We Gracious Girls work so hard at creating comfortable lives for the ones we love, we deserve an indulgence.

Galentine's day

Yum, yum, I want me some…CANDY! Theses aren’t just regular candies, these hot lips gummies from Sugarfina will leave you speechless! They start off nice and sweet, then things really heat up to a fiery end. I love the sweet-hot combination! This is not for the faint of heart.

Don’t miss those matching “hot lips” napkins!They say it all without saying a word.  So cute! To get these cute napkins, click here.

Galentine's Day


Sweets for your sweet girlfriends are always in order. These beautiful cookies express your love in the best way possible. Edible expressions of love that are pretty too – how can this get any better? These cookies are from Whimsy Cookie in Memphis.

Galentine's Day


Feeling like being creative in your kitchen? Make an ordinary strawberry cake but serve it in an extraordinary way. (Gracious Girls NEVER settle for ordinary!) Bake the cake in a sheet pan and use cookie cutters to cut out circles. Pipe strawberry icing, and stack them as tall as you like. It’ll look like you spent hours in the kitchen.

Galentine's day

No dessert bar is complete without cupcakes. I want to know who invented these tiny cakes that come in their own packaging and fit in your hand. If you like cake like I do, then cupcakes are the epitome of a dessert dream! Aren’t those heart shaped dishes the icing on the (cup)cake!

Happy Galentine’s Day, Gracious Girls.

May your day be filled with bubbles, giggles and girlfriend fun!

Thanks for being my squad!  

Galentine's Day

Photo credit:  Kim Thomas at KPFusion.

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