February 14, 2017 Kim Cox

Dessert That Will Light His Fire – Flaming Strawberry

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Dessert that will light his fire! 

The Flaming Strawberry

How do you end a romantic dinner? With an unforgettable dessert, of course! This simple dessert is guaranteed to “turn up the heat” on your relationship.

This is the one of those simple things that have a big impact. It doesn’t matter what the actual dessert is; it’s what goes on top that makes the difference.


How to make a Flaming Strawberry

This dessert topper requires only two things, a flammable liquid and a vessel.  In this case, The vessel we used was a strawberry, but you could choose your favorite fruit. Just make sure it’s big enough to hold enough liquid to create a flame big enough to see.
The alcohol you use must be highly flammable; the higher the proof, the better. In this case, I used 151 proof rum.


Cut the bottom the the strawberry so that it can sit flat.


Turn it over and cut out the center of the strawberry, creating a receptacle for the alcohol.


The receptacle should be large enough to hold a sufficient amount of alcohol.


Fill the strawberry with alcohol.


Turn out the light and turn up the sizzle!



Helpful hints:
Use caution when handling the alcohol. It is highly flammable. If you try to light the alcohol and you think that you’re not successful, place your hand directly over the alcohol to feel for the heat. It could be burning but the flame is invisible.

You may need to turn out the lights when you serve up the sizzle.  Alright, alright, take your minds out of the gutter! Sometimes it’s very difficult to see the flame. You may need to turn out the light to be able to see it.

Turn out the light and turn up the heat!



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Photo Credit :  Kim Thomas at KPFusion

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