February 16, 2017 Kim Cox

Gracious Girl Spotlight- Dr. Marlah Mardis

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We’re celebrating this month’s Gracious Girl, Dr. Marlah Mardis for her Mardi Gras Decor!

In her daytime life, she’s known as Dr. Mardis, but once she walks out of her office, she’s Dr. Mardi Gras! If you can’t go to Mardi Gras, this Gracious Girl’s Mardi Gras décor brings it to you, with style!

Welcome to the home of Dr. Marlah Mardis

Mardi Gras decor

This Gracious Girl is good at a lot of things, but her penchant for entertaining and decorating is over the top! Her home is always the spot for gatherings, whether celebrating a friend’s engagement, getting together college friends, or watching a sporting event.

This Gracious Girl and I share a love of our alma mater, Xavier University of Louisiana, and its home city New Orleans. You gotta love a city whose motto is “Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulet,” which means let the good times roll! This city knows how to throw a party, the most famous of which is Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras decor

Mardi Gras is a celebration that occurs during the 40 days before Lent. The city adorns itself in purple, green and gold, and hosts parades and parties, the likes of which you have never seen.

Visit Marlah’s home during Mardi Gras and there will be no doubt why she is called Dr. Mardi Gras! The spirit of Mardi Gras is evident everywhere!

Mardi Gras decor

She tastefully incorporates her Mardi Gras decor into her regular decor, adding a touch of green purple and gold to her everyday items.

Everything is so well incorporated; it simply adds an elegant extra touch to her already beautiful home.

Mardi Gras decor

It would be easy to get Mardi Gras decorations wrong – it could get quite garish if you don’t know how to do it, but Marlah keeps it classy, adding just enough here and there to make a statement, without going overboard.

Mardi Gras decor

“Throw me something, mister” is a common refrain at Mardi Gras, as revelers try to entice floats to throw them some beads.  As you can imagine, beads are incorporated everywhere in Marlah’s Mardi Gras decor. She even showcases custom beads from our alma mater and undergraduate sorority chapter, the Epsilon Tau chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc.

Mardi Gras decor

She even decorates her chandelier! I This is so pretty and elegant and shows refined restraint.


My favorite part of the decorations is her Mardi Gras Tree! Who does that?  Marlah does and she does it well!  This tree is beautiful!  Adorned in beads, ribbons, masks and fleur de lis, all the elements of Mardi Gras come together on this tree.

Mardi Gras decor

Notice the Mardi Gras Angel.  Isn’t she lovely in her purple garb?

Mardi Gras decor

I just love how she brings a bit of the Mardi Gras spirit in to every part or her home.

Mardi Gras decor

Marlah picked up this beauty on one of her many trips to New Orleans.  It is a perfect accompaniment to her Mardi Gras decor!

Mardi Gras decor

You can’t celebrate Mardi Gras without King Cake! King Cake is a coffee cake confection that is part of every Mardi Gras celebration.  Hidden inside every King Cake is a small plastic baby doll.  The one who gets the baby must bring the next King Cake!

Mardi Gras decor

If you get a chance, take a trip down to New Orleans during Mardi Gras season.  If you can’t, try and score an invite to Marlah’s house and you will feel like you’re there! You might even say “throw me something, Marlah!”

Mardi Gras decor

Thank you Dr. Marlah Mardis for being a GRACIOUS GIRL!!

If you’d like a feature as our next GRACIOUS GIRL, email me! kim@graciouslivingguide.com

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Photo Credit :Kim Thomas of KPFusion.

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