February 20, 2017 Kim Cox

10 Things Your Decorator Wants You to Know

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10 Things Your Decorator Wants You To Know

There are a few things that are certain in life, death, taxes – and decorating a home. At some point in our lives, all of us either have been or will be required to decorate a home. If you are lucky, you can hire some professional help; if not, no worries! We have the inside scoop from the decorators themselves!

Whether you are decorating a mansion, or your first apartment, creating a home that you’ll love to live in might be a bit daunting. Here are a few tips to help you make your home a comfortable and beautiful oasis.


1.  Don’t Buy ANYTHING In A Set.
I’m sure decorators cringe when they walk into a room and it looks like they’ve walked onto the showroom of “Rooms To Go,” with every sofa and chair, end table and side table, bed, night stand and dresser matching. Select pieces that coordinate, not match. The more complex your design is, the more depth and dimension your room will have.

2.  Buy The Best You Can Afford.
A house full of cheap furniture impresses no one; likewise, it is a poor investment if it has to be replaced. Buy the best you can afford, even if you have to buy it in stages. Don’t be ashamed to have an incomplete room. Quality is worth the wait.

3.  It’s OK If Your Woods Don’t Match.
I don’t know where the idea came from that woods have to match, but it is a fallacy. Don’t fall into the trap that woods need to be matchy matchy. Just the opposite is true. Light and dark woods, rustic and refined woods can all co-habitate in one room – nod quite beautifully!


4.  Hang Art At Eye Level.
Resist the urge to hang your art too high. Museums and galleries hang their art so that the middle of the piece is at eye level, about 57 to 60 inches from the floor. You should too.


5.  Size Matters When It Comes to Rugs.
You’ve seen it. You walk into a room and the rug looks like an island in the middle of the sea. Make sure your rug is big enough. In most cases, a rug should extend to 12- 18 inches from the wall.


6.  Mix It Up Style-Wise.
If your style is more traditional, it’s still okay to add an edgy piece here and there – in fact, please do! Don’t feel constrained by your foundational style. Your don’t want your room to look like a museum. Change it up and add something unexpected. Your room will look the better for it.


7.  Not All Art Needs To Hang On the Wall.
Don’t fall into the trap of thinking only of wall hangings when it comes to art. Art comes in many forms. Use interesting statues, or other objects d’ art to create interest in your room.

8.  Use Pillows.
One way to make a big impact with a little investment is to add pillows. Pillows can add that pop of color, or point of interest that takes your room from being dull to exciting. It’s a great way to be edgy without making a big investment.


9.  Accessorize with Unusual Things.
Accessories are really where you can let your personality show in decorating a room.  Don’t be afraid to use quirky or unusual things. Got some souvenirs from a trip that are in a box in your closet? Take them out and use them as accessories. These types of things really make your home a reflection of you.

10.  Don’t Make Your Curtains Too Short.
Just because your window is 2 feet from the ceiling doesn’t mean that your curtains should be. Hang your curtains as high as possible and allow them to puddle or kiss the floor. The added height will force the eye upward, giving the illusion that your room is larger.

Gracious Girls create beautiful surroundings – that’s just what we do!

Photo credit: Kim Thomas  of KPFusion.com

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