April 11, 2017 Kim Cox

The Prettiest Easter Brunch Tablescape You Will Ever See!

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We’ve got the cutest, most unique, Easter Brunch tablescape that you will ever see. It will make the Easter Bunny want to come more than once a year!



You could look at this tablescape a million times and every time you’d find yet another reason to LOVE it! This tablescape has so many layers and every one of them serves to keep your eyes entertained! Invite friends or family to this table and no matter what you serve, they will be talking about your Easter Brunch for years to come.


Our Guest Designer – Nakeisha Green of Petals Studio



I love everything about this beautiful table. It was created by guest tablescape designer, Nakeisha Green of Petals Studio. Nakeisha is a skilled tablescape designer who has a an excellent eye for detail and layering. She is the owner of Petals Studio, a full service floral design studio. Her floral designs are exquisite and complex and are always perfect, no matter what the occasion. Follow her on Instagram @petalsstudio or on Facebook.

Let’s Learn How to Create This Beautiful Easter Tablescape

What’s the point of Showing you beautiful things if you can’t reproduce them!

Our goal at Gracious Living Guide is not just to show you beautiful things, but show you how YOU can create them. So, let’s dissect this tablescape and look at the various elements that make it so beautiful. (To get products links to purchase the items shown, use the clickable links in the text, or go to the “Shop the Look” section at the end of the post.)

Perhaps my most favorite thing about this tablescape is the placemats. They are created of “mock moss” that looks so real! They just scream “springtime,” and also add texture and a bit of the “unexpected,” which is always good for a tablescape. The moss placemats are the perfect foundation for the colorful, spring themed plate. To purchase the lush and realistic “mock moss” for your placemats, click here.


And look! This cute little bunny hopped right onto your plate, just to bring you your napkin! You can get this this cute little bunny for your table just in time for Easter by clicking here.


The flowers, colorful and exquisite, are the crown jewel of this table.  Roses in hot pink, soft pink, red, and yellow set the color palette for this table. Trailing greenery of eucalyptus leaves makes the arrangement light and airy. But wait, there’s more! At the base of the main arrangement are several small bouquets of yellow roses! Nakeisha’s flower design talents really take this tablescape to another level.


I just love how Nakeisha carried out the Easter theme.  Using multiple elements, the Easter theme is woven in and out all throughout this tablescape, sometimes obvious, sometimes more subtle. Her Easter elements add whimsy and are just enough, without getting kitschy.


Essential to any Easter table is the Easter Bunny and this table has bunnies galore! Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny welcome your guests to the table, while the baby bunnies secure your napkin.

Easter eggs are another “must have” on an Easter Brunch table. Colorful eggs, carrying out the pastel color scheme, adorn the edges of the flowers. Did you notice the Easter eggs in the flower arrangement? Including subtle elements in your tablescape is just as important as the more obvious ones.


Nakeisha even decorated the chairs! Instead of using conventional chair covers, she adorned the chairs with ribbon and a flower garland, carrying out the color scheme and making the chairs part of the tablescape. This gives the tablescape a “completed” look.


But wait, there’s more! Even the surrounding furniture gets pulled into the theme. Nakeisha further completed the look by adding Easter themed decor to our already existing furniture. You just can’t ignore the cute bunny pillows on the sofa. Now this is how you create a beautiful setting for a beautiful meal.


I had so much fun working with Nakeisha on this beautiful tablescape.
Although it was masterfully executed by a professional, now you know everything you need to recreate it for your own Easter Brunch. All you need is a menu befitting this beautiful table.

I just LOVE this table. I am so lucky that I had a chance to enjoy it!

Photo Credit:  Kim Thomas of KPFusion.  Thanks, Kim!



Gracious Living Guide is pleased to offer a new feature called “Shop The Look.”  In this section, we do the shopping for you by showing you the products that we used, and giving you the clickable links that allow you to directly purchase the items that you like.  We hope this makes it more convenient for you to re-create our tablescapes and live more elegantly.


Easter Bunny Napkin Rings



Mr. Easter Bunny




Mrs. Easter Bunny



Bunny Lumbar Pillow



“Petals” Lumbar Pillow



Turquoise Indoor/Outdoor Pillow



Versatile Green Napkins


Mock Moss Placemat



“Mock Moss” comes in sheet form and can be cut to size for placemats.


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