April 25, 2017 Kim Cox

Spotlight on Gracious Living Guide Decor

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Home Decor

We’ve been featured!

It’s always nice when someone notices you, isn’t it?  And it’s especially nice when someone with a keen eye for design not only notices you, but features you on their platform.

A while back, I was doing a shoot for my blog with Kim Thomas of KPFusion.com.  Kim is a gifted photographer with a particular eye for fashion, style and decor. Her blog is beautiful. Check it out.


Kim doing her thing.

The shoot was at my home.  We had to go upstairs to photograph something and she happened to see my nephew’s bedroom which I had recently redecorated. Kim loved it and immediately started snapping pictures.  Her pictures helped me see the room’s decor with a different eye.

Decor on a Budget and Tight Deadline

When I realized that I needed to redo the room, I was expecting guests within a few weeks and had not budgeted for a bedroom renovation. The room, as it was, was not ready for guests.  That room had to be redone and had to be redone quickly and cheaply!

I redecorated the room in a neutral palette in shades of gray. My goal was to make it to feel like a spa retreat, calming and relaxing – while still being masculine enough for my nephew.  I pulled together pieces from my attic, discount stores and online shops.  Once I finished,  I realized that I had achieved my goal – a calming, yet luxurious spa feel – all within my budget and deadline.  I’m sure the decorators out there could give me a few pointers, (which I will happily accept) and I still have a few details to add (like accent pillows), but I was pleased with the outcome.  Here is a sneak peek from her post.




Go to her website and check out the piece she wrote about it to see the rest of the beautiful  pictures. Her blog post is lovely. Click here


Thanks, Kim, for considering my decor and decorating skills worthy to be on your blog.  (Your photography makes everything look good!)


Photo credit:  Kim Thomas of KPFusion

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