May 2, 2017 Kim Cox

How to Host An Authentic Moroccan Tea

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Moroccan Tea

Imagine your self transported thousands of miles away, to a distant, exotic culture – just by taking a sip of tea. (Cue the snake charmer music….) Better yet, imagine hosting a tea party for your friends with an exotic Moroccan theme!


Moroccan tea

Don’t you get tired of going to the same old tea party all the time?  Don’t you think your guests do too?  Gracious Girls, let’s shake things up a bit and do something a little unexpected! Why not make your next tea party a Moroccan tea party!

The Moroccan Tea Tradition


Moroccan tea

Any trip to Morocco starts with a cup of tea, ends with a cup of tea, and involves many cups of tea in between! Everywhere you go, tea will be offered and proper etiquette dictates that you accept. Accepting is no problem, however, since the tea is delicious! They start with green tea and add copious amounts of mint and sugar – what’s not to love?

Moroccan tea

The tradition of Moroccan tea is an institution unto itself. Sometimes called Moroccan whisky (which is really funny considering that Morocco is a Muslim country), Moroccans make and drink tea all day long, whether with a meal or not. Making Moroccan tea is a little more involved than making regular tea, but we will show you how to make the tea in the next post, so stay tuned!

Let’s Get Started: Hosting a Moroccan Tea

Setting the Scene


Hosting a Moroccan tea party is easy to do with a little pre-planning. First, you set the scene with color and lots of it! Visions of Morocco conjure up images of vibrant colors and rich textiles in abundance. Dazzling reds, blues and yellows are most commonly used.

Moroccan tea

Hosting a Moroccan tea is a very intimate affair and low seating is preferable. Poufs, pillows and ottomans can be used to help to create an intimate setting. You can purchase colorful poufs here.

The Accoutrements of Moroccan Tea

There are a few items you need for a Moroccan tea party that most people may not have but are relatively inexpensive to acquire. You will need a tray (which I am assuming you have – silver preferably), a Moroccan teapot and Moroccan tea glasses.

Moroccan Tea Pot

Moroccan tea

Making Moroccan tea involves using a Moroccan teapot. The process of making the tea involves placing the pot directly on the heat, and a regular teapot will not do. Only a specifically designed Moroccan tea pot can be used and you can buy one from Amazon here.  Depending on the teapot that you buy, you might also want to place a diffuser (pictured above) under it for additional precautions. You can buy a diffuser from Amazon here.

Moroccan Tea Glasses


Unlike us, Moroccans serve their tea in small 3-4 ounce glasses, instead of cups. Plain glasses are used for “everyday” tea, but beautiful, gilded glasses are used for special guests. Theses gorgeous glasses are also available here.

Moroccan tea

Now you have everything you need to create a beautiful setting for your Moroccan Tea Party. In our next post, we will show you how to actually make the tea. Make sure to subscribe so that you won’t miss it!


Moroccan tea

Serving Moroccan tea for the first time in Marrakech.

Shop The Look

Want to try your hand at hosting a Moroccan themed tea party?  Everything you need is only a click away!  Click the links below to have what you need delivered to your door!

Moroccan Pouf

Moroccan Tea Glasses

Moroccan Teapot


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