May 9, 2017 Kim Cox


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Making Moroccan Tea

One of the pleasures of visiting Morocco is enjoying Moroccan mint tea.  Moroccan tea isn’t as easy to make as regular tea -just pour some boiling water over a teabag and let it be. No, Moroccans really put their soul into a pot of tea. When you are offered tea in Morocco, know that genuine hospitality is being extended.

How To Make Moroccan Tea

Moroccan tea

Now I know that some of you will see the long list of directions and stop reading. Gracious Girls, I know that we don’t all have the luxury of time, so for you girls, just scroll to the bottom for the quick secret……  But if you’ve got the time and want to have an authentic experience, keep reading!  (Keep reading anyway.  It’s always good to have information!)

What you will need:

Gunpowder green tea (You can find it in the loose tea section.)
Spearmint leaves (Washed. About a bowl full.)
Moroccan teapot

Let’s talk about the essentials first.

Moroccan tea

You can’t make Moroccan tea without a Moroccan teapot. When making tea, the teapot will need to be placed directly on the fire. As a result, a regular teapot will not do. It must be a teapot that can take direct heat. They are not that expensive. You can buy one here.

Moroccan tea

Moroccan tea

If you were in Morocco, you would use a different form of sugar.  Their sugar comes in a big block and you chip off a bit as you want to use it.  We will just use granulated or cubed sugar, thank you!



Step 1. Boil some water in a pot.
Step 2. Rinse out the teapot with a little of the boiling water. (This is called “hot the pot.”)
Step 3. Pour about a cup of hot water into the pot, then add about 2 teaspoons of loose tea.

Moroccan tea
Step 4. Let the water and tea leaves sit for about 1 minute, then pour the tea into a glass. Resist the urge to swirl the tea. Save this liquid. This is called the “spirit” of the tea and we will use it later.
Step 5. Pour another glass of water into the teapot. This time swirl it in the leaves. Let it sit for a moment then pour it out. You will notice that this water is murky (and if you taste it, it is very bitter.)  Throw this tea water out.
Step 6. Fill the pot about 2/3 with water and place it on the burner on medium to low heat.

Moroccan tea
Step 7. Once you see bubbles start to form on the surface of the water, add the mint and sugar. Also return the “spirit” of the tea to the pot.
Step 8. Let the water return to a boil. You will notice that the mint leaves float on top at first then the tea leaves will float up. At this point, the tea should be foamy. Remove from the fire. The tea is ready to be served.


Moroccan tea

Moroccan mint tea can be found pre-packaged in local grocery stores. I found this one in Whole Foods.

Serving Moroccan Tea

Moroccan tea

Moroccan tea must be aerated before serving. You do this by pouring the tea into the cup, holding the teapot about 12 inches from the cup. I don’t know why this is necessary; just do it. It makes a beautiful show for your guests and it makes it really look like you know what you’re doing!

Gracious Girls, enjoy your Moroccan Tea!

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Moroccan teaPhoto credit: Kim Thomas of KPFusion

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