May 12, 2017 Kim Cox

Here’s What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day (And It’s Not What You Think!)

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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Every year, about this time, children all over the country waste way too many brain cells trying to figure out what to buy their mom for Mother’s Day. When you were young, getting the right gift was easy – make mom something with your own little hands and her heart would melt. If you are reading this, you are now too old to get away with a homemade gift, so you join the legions of clueless shoppers at the mall. But can you find what mom really wants at the mall?

There is no physical thing you could give your mom that would be a complete reflection of what she really means to you. (For me, a house of the beach would give me a good idea, though.) Accordingly, you are left with buying her a token.  Why just settle for a token when you can give mom what she REALLY wants! But what do moms really want, you ask?

What Moms Really Want

Mother's Day gift

Moms are complex creatures and its quite understandable that finding the perfect gift is hard. We moms live our lives with inseparable parts of us nevertheless separated from us. At the point where the newborn leaves our loins, part of our heart goes with it and we are forever linked in love with a creature who has his/her own thoughts, opinions and, ultimately, actions.

So it’s understandable that finding a gift for us that perfectly encapsulates how you feel is virtually impossible – but yet you try. Here’s a bit of advice – stop looking for a gift. Give us what we really want instead.

Mother's Day gift


1.  Moms want to feel appreciated.

It’s hard work being a mom. Raising a child involves making hard choices, many of which will not be well received. From time to time, we are the least liked person in the house because we are forced to make decisions that won’t make you happy in the short term, but will make you a better person in the long run. Making those hard decisions often leavesus as a target for your frustrations and anger, which we are willing to take for your greater good. Yes, it would be easy to avoid the argument and let you get that forehead tattoo now, but when you decide that you want a career as a news anchor, remember to thank us.

Mother's Day gift


2.  Moms want to spend quality time with you.

We’d like to sit and talk with you, perhaps go on a hike with you, or share a hobby – when you don’t need something. We enjoy your company – we really do. Oftentimes, however, when your charm is directed at us, or you want to spend time with us, money seems to fly out of our wallets, or permission to go somewhere or do something is sought. We want to hang out with you – with no strings attached.

Mother's Day gifts


3.  Moms want to be trusted.

No matter what you think of us in the moment, we have years of experience and we really are smarter than you think. There are some things that we “just know,” and one thing’s for sure, we know more than your friends! These gray hairs in our head are not gratuitous, but are hard earned from years of living, making mistakes, and learning from them. Yes, we might get it wrong from time to time, but more often, we get it right. Trust us.

Mother's Day gift


4.  Moms want to be respected.

We know you didn’t choose to be here, but the fact is that you are here and from the day you were born, have required our care. We have made sacrifices for you too numerous to name. We have given up significant parts of our lives to make your life better. Attitudes, slammed doors and side-eyes should be directed elsewhere. We deserve better.

Mother's Day gift

5.  Moms want you to be financially independent.

We’ve spent a lot of money on you and we need to know that there is an end to it. We want to see you pay your own bills and save for future contingencies – and we would like to not be your contingency fund. If we really tell the truth, moms (and dads!) look forward to the day that you pick up the tab at dinner or take us on vacation. (At this point, however, we will settle for not having to take you on ours!)

Mother's Day gift

And what we want most is…

What Moms really wants is for you to know that you are loved unconditionally and that nothing – no matter how good or bad it is – will cause our love for you to increase or decrease. We want to see you happy and fulfilled. What we want is to see you continuing to evolve into the person we know that you can be. We want you to make responsible decisions and reap the benefits from them. We moms want to see you take care of the next generation, be it your own children, or the children of the world.

You see, all we really want is good kids. Since we already have that, go ahead and buy us another potholder.

Mother's Day gift

Happy Mother’s Day Mama!  I hope you like your gift!


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