May 25, 2017 Kim Cox

How to Get the Perfect Martha’s Vineyard Rental

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So,  you want to rent a house on Martha’s Vineyard and have no idea where to start?  Well, you have come to the right place! I have spent many summers on the Vineyard and rented many homes.  I am glad to share what I have learned with you.

Martha's Vineyard

(To help you get the most from your Martha’s Vineyard vacation, I’ve written two helpful guides.

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Martha's Vineyard



1.  Rent from an agency.  Check the Internet for a real estate agency that has an office on the island. You can confidently rent from any of them.

2.  The rental market is robust. Be prepared to make a decision – and pay a deposit – within days. Don’t call until you are ready to pull the trigger.

3.  Be prepared to pay for your rental –  50% at the time of the contract and 50% 30 days before you arrive.

Martha's Vineyard

4.  Establish a relationship with your agent. Your agent is a reservoir of information and your safety net should you need one. He/She will be happy to tell you the “secrets” of the island that will make your vacation more enjoyable. I’ve even had an agent loan me a bike for the season!

5.  Make sure your rental includes linens. Some rentals do not include sheets and towels. Ask the question to make sure.

6.  Look carefully at the pictures. Some rental homes on the Vineyard have not been modernized.  Look for modern kitchens and bright rooms.

Martha's Vineyard

7. Read between the lines of the rental description. Words like “quaint” or “cozy” sometimes means old and outdated.

8.  Ask if the home comes with ferry tickets and private beach access. Some lucky renters get both.

9.  Consider having the lawn sprayed for mosquitos and ticks.  You can arrange to have it done before you arrive.

Enjoy your Vineyard Vacation!

I am happy to answer questions! Just leave me a message in the comments.

Martha's Vineyard

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