June 15, 2017 Kim Cox

My Favorite Things – Vinrella, The Wine Bottle Umbrella

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Vinrella – The Wine Bottle Umbrella

Looking at this picture, you know why these caught my eye, right? I thought they were wine bottles! When I looked further, I discovered that they were not wine bottles, but umbrellas!

A Wine Bottle Umbrella – Who woulda thunk it?

Photo source: vinrella.com

Photo source: vinrella.com

Sure, it’s cute, but it’s also functional. It takes your regular umbrella and goes one better! Let’s say that you are coming in from the rain. What do you do with your wet umbrella?  If it’s a regular umbrella, you either leave it by the door, then forget to get it on your way out, or you carry it with you, creating a wet hazard with every step you take.


Photo source: vinrella.com

Vinrella  solves this dilemma. With the Vinrella, when you come in from the rain, just slide the wet umbrella inside the waterproof wine bottle cover and your problem is solved. Your encased umbrella  can be tucked inside your purse to keep you,  your belongings and your surroundings dry, and can be pulled out when you are ready to use it again. (You just need to take it out when you get home and let it dry.  Otherwise, it might get smelly.)  Genius! I sure wish I had thought of it! You can get them online at Vinrella.com  

They come in a variety of colors and patterns.  You can also get custom ones created for a special event. Wouldn’t this make a great bridesmaids gift?

If you are a lover of wine, you gotta have this. Just don’t pull it out and try to drink from it!  A mouthful of rainwater taste less pleasant than a mouthful of wine!


Photo source: Vinrella.com

Not a wine lover? They are also coming out with a water bottle line.

This post was unsolicited and was not done for compensation.

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