October 11, 2017 Kim Cox

“Build Your Own” Mimosa Bar

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Are you celebrating something special? You can’t celebrate without a bit of the bubbly, so why not showcase it in a fun and festive way. For less than $100, we can show you how to create a mimosa bar that is impressive and easy to do!


Gone are the days of the simple orange juice mimosa. There was a time when you could give your guests a glass of champagne, top it with orange juice and you had one classy party! Well not anymore! Your guests want and expect more, (especially from Gracious Girls!) so let’s give ‘em what they want! And the best part is that we can do it all for under $100, champagne included! (Keep reading to the end for the price breakdown.)

Let’s Start With The Essentials……


The Champagne

Mimosa bar

It goes without saying that champagne is the essential ingredient of the mimosa. Even though the champagne is the star, what I say next may come as a shock to you.

It’s okay to use cheap champagne on your fancy champagne bar. Really.

Mimosa bar

When creating a mimosa bar, don’t feel compelled to use top shelf champagne. Because of the juice and fruit, the taste of the champagne is masked, so it is not necessary to use a brand that you might normally drink straight. Manage your costs by using a lesser brand. I usually use a brand that has about a $15 price point. Your guests will never know the difference!
The Choice Is Yours!

Mimosa bar

This guest wanted a mango mimosa. Yum!

When you think of mimosas, you think of orange juice and champagne, right?  Well who said that you had to use orange juice? We Gracious Girls are always taking things up a notch and thinking outside the box! Throw out the old notion of an OJ mimosa and let your mind wander. There are any number of juices that you can combine with champagne to make a mimosa – your choices are limitless!

Mimosa bar

On this mimosa bar, in addition to orange juice , we used peach nectar, mango nectar, passionfruit, berry and pineapple juices – something to appeal to even the pickiest of guests. I have to admit, I was never a fan of the mimosa, in part because I don’t like orange juice. But I am a BIG fan of the passionfruit mimosa; it has become my absolute favorite! Let your guests find their favorite mimosa at your mimosa bar!

Add The Finishing Touch!

Mimosa bar

Jazz up your mimosa bar with some fruit! Blueberries, strawberries, orange slices, pineapple – any fruit will do. Not only does it add color and texture- it adds panache! Fruit toppings really show that you want your guests to have a total mimosa experience. (It also adds a little fiber… does that mean that I can count my mimosas as a meal?)

Don’t stop at the fruit! Think about adding mint, basil or sprigs of rosemary to your mimosa – anything goes!


Gracious Girls, you know that we have all the answers! Here’s what you need.

A Tray

Mimosa bar
Start with a tray or something to pull it all together. It need not be as fancy as the silver tray shown, it could be something as simple as a wood plank or colorful napkin; just something to visually create a boundary. Your bar will look more cohesive this way.

Juice Bottles

Mimosa bar

To display the juices, I used bottles from the Dollar Tree! You never would have guessed, right? I dressed them up with chalkboard labels from Michaels. It goes to show you, it’s not always how much you spend, it’s the style with which you use it.


Mimosa bar
To display the fruit, mint, and basil on this bar, I used some fancy chilling glasses (which I’m sure have a fancy name but I don’t know it), but in the picture shown below I used h glasses and bowls that I already own.  There is no need to go out and get something special. I don’t think it really matters what you use as long as it is complimentary.

Mimosa bar

Here I used short glasses and bowls that I already had.

Bar Sign

Mimosa bar

I added a bow to give it a little extra sass.

Now what really pulls the look together is the sign. It can be as elaborate as a printed sign on an easel, or a hand lettered sign as shown. The chalkboard sign shown, was from Michael’s. I used a chalkboard marker to create the lettering.

And now for the drumroll…..

Here’s The Breakdown Of the Cost

Juices $20
Fruit, Etc. $20
Juice Bottles $6
Chalkboard $7
Marker $3
Labels $3
Champagne $30
(2 @ 15 each)

Total     Only $89

Now tell me, wouldn’t your guests (and your wallet) enjoy this mimosa bar?

Mimosa bar
Invite your friends and toast to the good life!
Thank you Loretta for being my model!!!!!

Has this post sparked your creative juices? Are you planning to use this idea?  Share the details in the comments.  We’d love to hear from you!


Photo Credit:  Kim Thomas of KPFusion.com

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