October 17, 2017 Kim Cox

Salad In A Jar!

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No more excuses!

Today, we are taking away all your excuses for eating unhealthy, calorie rich, carbohydrate heavy meals.  Gracious Living Guide has a lunch “hack” that satisfies your need for quick, convenient, and healthy food options that you can make ahead.


Come, on. Give me all your reasons for not eating healthy. Really, lay them on me – I can take it! And when you finish, I can give you an answer that eliminates all your excuses.

The problem with eating healthy is that it is usually so darned inconvenient. You almost have to go out of your way to choose healthy foods, when the unhealthy choices seem to just propel themselves onto your plate! Like me, I’m sure you want to do better, we just need to find easy options to do so. Well,  I have the answer.

Four Words, One Solution:


Salad in a jar This is so simple, I know you’re kicking yourself!

Pull out those mason jars in the back of your cabinet because they are about to become the secret to your healthy eating success story.  Who knew that this unassuming glass jar could hold such magical weight loss, healthy eating power?

The concept of salad in a jar is simple. Everything you need for a healthy, fresh salad is placed inside a jar – dressing included! Yes, the dressing is inside the jar and the salad does NOT get mushy! The secret is in how to pack it.  (Keep reading.)

A salad in a jar can be made ahead and will keep for up to a week.  This allows you to make a work week of lunches at once and never have to think about it again!  And get this – they all can be different!  Feeling like Mexican today? Add black beans, corn, and avocado. Got a taste for Greek? Feta, black olives and red onion will do the trick. The options are limitless and you could have a different salad everyday.

Salad in a jar

The best part is that this healthy food option comes in its own convenient package. The “package” can also double as its serving bowl or you can pour the salad out into a real bowl if you are feeling fancy.  You just can’t beat that!

Salad in a jar

And here’s the secret….

Remember I told you that the secret is in how you pack your jar?  Here are the rules:

Salad in a jar
First, you put in the dressing. It goes in the bottom of the jar because placing it anywhere else would get everything soggy.

Salad in a jar
The second layer is your protein, hard cheeses or any other items that are impervious to the liquid dressing.  These items will serve as a barrier to keep the other items from getting soggy.

Salad in a jar
The third layer is salad toppings. This is where your tomatoes, cucumber, onion, beans, peppers, etc., will go.

Salad in a jar
Finally, fill the container to the top with lettuce.  Go ahead; really pack the lettuce in!

Salad in a jar

When you are ready to eat, turn it upside down, shake and eat. You can eat directly from the jar, or pour it into a bowl!

Combine the salad with my easy butternut squash soup and you can have it for dinner also.

Pro Tips:
1.  When storing or transporting your salads, keep them upright.  If they tilt or turn over, you will risk the dressing getting on the lettuce and other garnishes, making  the salad soggy.

2.  Tie your disposable fork around the neck of the jar with a ribbon or rubber band.  This will ensure that you really can “grab ‘n go!”

After you read this post, if you make unhealthy dining choices, that’s on you. We’ve done our part to make healthy eating easy for you.


Salad in a jar

I’m mixing up my salad in a jar!

I know what I’m having for lunch today…what about you?

Gracious Girls, let’s get healthy and stay fine together!
Bon Appetite!


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