October 27, 2017 Kim Cox

My Favorite Things: The WineYoke

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Theoretically, this is a good idea….
The WineYoke solves a problem that party goers have had since the beginning of time: How to keep your hands free when you’re at a party and you want to drink and eat at the same time.

The WineYoke is the answer. The WineYoke holds your drink secure, leaving your hand free. Just insert your wine glass in the rubber yoke and place the yoke around your neck. Because the yoke is made of rubber, it sits securely on your chest, reducing the chance of spilling on your clothes.  Your hands are free to gesture, hold a plate, shake hands, etc. WineYokes are available on Amazon.  Click here to purchase.





Here’s what the creator’s have to say about it:

The WineYoke™ hands free wine glass holder is the perfect accessory for wine tasting or wine events. The WineYoke™ offers you hands free holding of your wine glass while you enjoy hors d’oeuvres and socializing with friends. The WineYoke™ makes a perfect gift for any wine lover.

Check them out at WineYoke.com.


Wouldn’t it be fun to hand these out at a party and watch the conversations begin?  It certainly would break the ice and get your guests talking with each other!  These would be great as a take-home gift if you were hosting a wine tasting too.

The WineYoke has other practical uses. Let’s say you’re the grill master and you want to keep your beer or wine handy while you did your magic on the grill. Just pop your beverage in the WineYoke and your beer/wine is always at the ready.

I could also see using the WineYoke while you are housecleaning.  If you  must clean, the least you could do is have a glass of wine while you do it! (Don’t judge me!)  The WineYoke would help you keep up with your glass of wine as you go from room to room. (Don’t you hate it when you can’t remember where you put your glass down?)



I think that the WineYoke is fun to have as a novelty item or conversation starter. I could also see myself using it around the house so that I could keep up with my glass.  (My glass would be filled with water….wink, wink!)   I’m not sure, though, if I would use it on for it’s intended purpose at a party. In that sense, I see it as somewhat like a pocket protector; it serves a useful purpose but it’s not for everyone.

It’s still one of my favorite things though…in theory!

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