December 19, 2017 Kim Cox

Up Your Holiday Decor Ante!

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Holiday Decor

By now your tree should be up and you’re probably feeling pretty good about your holiday decor. But wait, there is still time to get that “designer decorated”  look without the price tag or effort!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 

Holiday decor

In my house, it doesn’t feel like Christmas until I have put up several trees, pulled out the Christmas peacock ( It’s a Cox thing – actually just a Kim Cox thing; my kids hate it!) and crammed Christmas into every nook and cranny of the house. So, I might take it a little too far, but there is no doubt about my Christmas cheer!

Stop untangling those lights!

Upping your Christmas ante doesn’t involve decorating trees or hanging garland from every perch. It doesn’t even require putting in any more work! (Yes, believe it!) By simply changing out a few everyday items for holiday themed ones, you can give your home a “pulled together” professionally decorated look.



You’ve got pillows on your couch, right? Why not change them out for some Christmas pillows? This single thing can completely change the room. Christmas pillows add a feel of festivity to any decor. They can be colorful and attention grabbing, or sophisticated and subtle.

Holiday decor

Whatever your style, there’s a pillow that can take your holiday decor up a notch.


Holiday decor

Add a Christmas blanket to your more casual rooms. I keep a blanket in my den for those cold nights when I’m watching a movie by the fire. At Christmas, I merely swap it out for a more festive one.


Holiday decor

Surely you have a rug by the door or in front of the the sink. This is a good time to have it cleaned, and temporarily replace it with a holiday themed one. By adding this one element, you have instantly completed your Christmas decorating, literally from floor to ceiling.


Holiday decor

Don’t forget your mirrors! Don’t you love seeing wreaths on mirrors? Hanging a wreath in front of your mirrors adds instance elegance. Mirrors are the perfect frame for a wreath.

I also like to hang a bough above my mirrors for a different effect.

Christmas Tree Ornaments


Not just for your Christmas tree anymore, Christmas ornaments are like fairy dust when it comes to holiday decorating. They add color and pizzazz and are perfect no matter what the decor. You can place them in a bowl by themselves, or as a part of a larger display.

Holiday decor

Top a candle stick with greenery and a large Christmas ornament.


Holiday Cheer!


Get that “designer decorated” look with little to no effort. Isn’t that how we like it!’ When your friends ask you who decorated, tell them it was a Gracious Girl project!

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Happy Holidays, Gracious Girls!

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