December 21, 2017 Kim Cox

Need An Easy Floral Arrangement? Try A Flower Ball!

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Need a quick and easy floral arrangement for Christmas and all year round? Have I got the perfect one for you!

Sometimes the simplest things can make the biggest impact! This beautiful floral arrangement will add instant elegance to your holiday or everyday decor. And the best part? It’s easy and quick to make!

In case you missed it, I did a handy tutorial showing you how to Transform Grocery Store Flowers Into Stunning Bouquets . I also showed you How To Make Your Cut Flowers Last Longer.  This arrangement is just another tool for your floral arsenal.

Floral arrangement

Isn’t this a beauty? It’s so easy, even the kids can do it. (No pressure! Lol!)

Here Is What You Need

Floral arrangements


2 – 3 dozen flowers (preferably small buds)

Some filler – greenery, berries, etc.

Floral oasis

Floral scissors

Floral arrangement

A Word About Oasis

Floral oasis is the best-kept secret of professional florists. It is a porous substance that soaks up water and serves as a water source for cut flowers in arrangements. This helps to extend their lives. It is also a stabilizing implement for floral arrangements.   You stick the flowers in the oasis and the flowers stay in place, making it easier for you to arrange them.

Floral arrangements

Don’t confuse floral oasis with floral styrofoam.  Floral styrofoam is hard and non-porous.  It will not absorb water.  For this project, you need floral oasis.

Activating the water saving properties of oasis is simple. Place it in a bowl or sink full of water and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. Don’t push it down or run water over it. Let it sit. As it soaks up the water, it will start to sink, turn a darker green and become heavy. In the picture above, the smaller, round oasis has been soaked in water.

Finding the Right Oasis

For this project you will need a round oasis. It comes in several sizes. Keep in mind as you are purchasing your oasis, the flowers will extend the size of the your floral ball. You will need to buy a smaller oasis to get the size ball that you need. Also, the bigger the ball, the more flowers it takes and even a small ball takes 2-3 dozen flowers.

Sometimes, you might not find round oasis. Most often you see it shaped like a brick. If that is all you can find, no worries. You can cut it down to the size and shape that you want. I usually wait to cut mine when it’s wet.

Preparing the Oasis

Floral arrangements

Once you have soaked your oasis, slice off a piece on the bottom. This is so that it can sit flat.

Preparing the Flowers

Floral arrangements

Your flowers will be on long stems, but you need very little of the stem for this project. Cut it off, leaving 1-2 inches. Discard the stems.

Floral arrangements

Arranging the Flowers

Take your trimmed flowers and stick the cut ends into the oasis. For this project, I started at the top and worked my way around in a circular fashion. You will see the shape start to emerge as you add more flowers.

Floral arrangements

Cover the entire ball with flowers, placing them close together. You should not be able to see any green between the flowers. Some gaps are unavoidable though, and that’s where the berries and greenery come in.

Floral arrangements

Floral arrangements

Cut the greenery and berries down to the length that you need.

Floral arrangements

Floral arrangements In the places where you can see the green oasis, add in some berries or greenery, taking care to maintain the balance and beauty of the arrangement.

Floral arrangements

Voila!  You’ve created a beautiful arrangement!

Sit it atop a candlestick either alone or as part of a centerpiece or display.  There are so many “looks” that you can do with this.

Floral arrangements

Here, I have used it as part of a linear table display for Christmas. (More about this in tomorrow’s post!)

Floral arrangements

It is just as beautiful clustered with other candlesticks on a cranberry filled tray. Either way it looks fresh and beautiful.

Insider’s tip:

When displaying this arrangement, I usually sit the flower ball on a “tray” in case it leaks. My “tray” is a clear plastic disposable dessert plate that I cut to about a half inch wider than the oasis.  You won’t be able to see it because the flowers extend over it, shielding it from sight. This tray should hold all excess water and keep it from dripping onto your table.

Everyday Uses For This Floral Arrangment

Floral arrangement

This easy arrangement is not just for Christmas!  In this picture, doesn’t it look completely different? By simply changing the color and Sitting it in a vase, you have completely changed the look from festive to simple elegance.

Floral arrangement

Or fill in the bottom, attach it to a some ribbon and use it as a pomander.  I can imagine this with blue carnations or pink sweetheart roses hanging from a chandelier for a baby shower or as a special focal point at a tea.

Floral arrangements

Isn’t this an easy way to add elegance and style to your home?  Elevate your experiences with this easy to make floral arrangement.

Do you feel empowered now to adorn your holiday or everyday table with fresh and beautifully arranged flowers? I hope so!

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