January 4, 2018 Kim Cox

I Was A Vegetarian For 2 Weeks And Here’s What Happened – Part 1

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I eat meat – well not red meat, but chickens, fish and (a few pigs) should run/swim as fast as they can when I show up at the picnic.  That is why it was so radical  when I decided to become a vegetarian for two weeks…

(And yes, I know pork is red meat; I didn’t buy into that “other white meat” campaign. I just can’t give up bacon crumbles!)

If you are a vegetarian and reading this, I’m sure you are giving me the side eye..two weeks, you say, Ha!…YES..but this is my story…and it is a story of struggle!


Part 1 – The Rationale.

My purpose in going vegetarian was to lose some weight. At my last doctor’s visit, my doctor was concerned about my “numbers.” He suggested that weight loss might be helpful. (The visit should be free when a doctor tells you that! Who wants to pay someone to tell you that you are fat!) Instead of working the tried and true formula for losing weight – eat less, move more – I decided to try something radical. I decided to become a vegetarian. Nobody overeats when all they eat is vegetables, right!

Shortly after that doctor’s visit, I watched two movies, “What The Health,” and “Forks and Knives.” Both movies are about the benefits of a vegetarian diet and the horrors of the meat industry. In particular, what made me give up meat was a scene in “What The Health”  that featured two people heavily reliant on medications for blood pressure, cholesterol and other issues.  They gave up meat for two weeks and became virtually medication free and visibly healthier. (Hmmm, you are right to be skeptical.  I should have been.) That was gonna be me. This was my impetus to try vegetarianism.



So I went vegetarian. Cold turkey. No advance planning. No further research.

No meat, no fish. (And no bacon crumbles.)  Vegetables only. I decided against a vegan diet because it requires that you eliminate not only meat, but animal and meat products. That would mean that I would have to eliminate cheese. Cheese is one of my top three food items – cheese, chocolate and bread. That was out of the question.


I started with beginner bravado – I can do this! I had given up eating red meat several years ago, and rarely missed it. I had already given up the most American, readily available and possibly most enjoyable food item – the hamburger.  And the truth is, I don’t even miss red meat anymore. But give up poultry and fish too? That was something different. I learned that giving up red meat and giving up all meat were two entirely different things….

And so I began. Two weeks without meat.

This is part 1 of a 3 part series.



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