January 30, 2018 Kim Cox

Unexpected Guests? We’ve Got The 5 Minute Pick-Up!

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Ready, Set, CLEAN!

Yikes!  You haven’t cleaned in days and unexpected guests are on the way. What’s a Gracious Girl to do?  Our 5 minute pick-up will have you “guest ready” in no time!

 Ok, let’s just be honest. No one’s home is “guest ready” at all times. Even the best of us get caught with our homes in some state of disarray when the in-laws (luckily) call to say that they are around the corner.

No worries. We’ve got you. Here are 6 quick pick up tips to get you “guest ready” in 5 minutes!


Don’t make me say it….

These tips are temporary fixes or hacks to help you get your home presentable. This is not advice on how to clean your home or keep it clean. This is simply intended to help cover up or hide your housekeeping “failings” until you can get around to really cleaning up. (Now did I really have to say that? Was I talking to you?)

Start the Clock! 

1. Don’t Show It. Stow It!

Unexpected guests

I keep an empty bin in one of my back closets. When I need a quick pick up,  I simply put everything in a bin,just to temporarily get it out of the way. Once my unexpected guests leave and I have time to really clean, I revisit the bin and put items where they really belong.

2. Clear That Sink.

Unexpected guests

If you are like me, you need two dishwashers; one to store the dirty dishes and one to store the clean dishes that you haven’t had time to put away. Inevitably, you will have guests who want to visit when both the dishwasher and the sink are full! What’s a Gracious Girl to do? If it’s just a few dishes, let it slide. If there are lots of dishes and it’s unsightly, a bin is again your best friend. Put them in a bin, and put the bin in a closet. Now if there is a smell coming from that closet in a few days, that’s on you.

3. Close That Door.

Unexpected guests

This is a simple one. No need to clean, just close the door to every room that is is not presentable, then corral your unexpected guests into the one room that is clean. Problem solved.

(Right now, you should have a mental picture of my  guest heading for the door to the untidy room and me lunging for it in slow motion saying, “Nooooooo.”)

4. Light A Candle.

Unexpected guests

Smell is more powerful than we give it credit. A house that smells clean or pleasant is more likely to appear clean and pleasant. Light a candle with a pleasing aroma. A little trickery doesn’t hurt!

For more information on how to use aromatherapy for your home, read, “Do You Smell That? Aromatherapy For Your Home.

5. Wipe It Down.

Unexpected guests

Depending on the guest and their purpose for visiting, you generally have an idea of what part of the house you will utilize. Check the surfaces in that area and give them a quick wipe down.

6. Sweep It Up

Unexpected guests

Your quicker picker upper can be your best friend! Use it to quickly remove visible dirt and debris from the floor. In my home, crumbs are always lurking around the edges of my kitchen counter. A quick sweep and it’s all good.

So this is my list. What would you add? Share your tips in the comments below. 


Now go to the door and greet your unexpected guests with a genuine smile!

Unexpected guests

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