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I Was a Vegetarian For 2 Weeks and Here’s What Happened – Part 3

My two week experiment as a vegetarian yielded some interesting results.  Some were expected and positive, others were unexpected and negative.  They fell into two basic categories, changes to my body and changes to my lifestyle.

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I Was A Vegetarian For 2 Weeks And Here’s What Happened – Part 1

I eat meat – well not red meat, but chickens, fish and (a few pigs) should run/swim as fast as they can when I show up at the picnic.  That is why it was so radical  when I decided to become a vegetarian for two weeks…

(And yes, I know pork is red meat; I didn’t buy into that “other white meat” campaign. I just can’t give up bacon crumbles!)

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Manifest Your Destiny: Dreams + Goals + Action = Reality

Manifest Your Destiny

Turn Your Dreams Into Goals And Your Goals into Reality.

Each year, many of us make resolutions to do better and be better in the new year. Do you review them periodically to see how well you have done? Do you find that many of your resolutions go unfulfilled?

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