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Do You Suck The Head and Eat the Tail?

 How To Eat Crawfish

Some of you read the title of this post and thought you were about to enjoy some racy reading.  Gracious Girls, get your minds out of the gutter.  I’m talking about crawfish! Read more

The Prettiest Mother’s Day Tea Ever!

Mother’s Day Tea

This Mother’s Day, don’t spend the day in a crowded restaurant waiting for cold food and getting bad service. Grab your mom and join us in the Gracious Living Guide garden for a special tea.  We’ve set a special tea table just for you. Read more

Here’s What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day (And It’s Not What You Think!)

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Every year, about this time, children all over the country waste way too many brain cells trying to figure out what to buy their mom for Mother’s Day. When you were young, getting the right gift was easy – make mom something with your own little hands and her heart would melt. If you are reading this, you are now too old to get away with a homemade gift, so you join the legions of clueless shoppers at the mall. But can you find what mom really wants at the mall?

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Making Moroccan Tea

One of the pleasures of visiting Morocco is enjoying Moroccan mint tea.  Moroccan tea isn’t as easy to make as regular tea -just pour some boiling water over a teabag and let it be. No, Moroccans really put their soul into a pot of tea. When you are offered tea in Morocco, know that genuine hospitality is being extended.

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Spotlight on Gracious Living Guide Decor

Home Decor

We’ve been featured!

It’s always nice when someone notices you, isn’t it?  And it’s especially nice when someone with a keen eye for design not only notices you, but features you on their platform. Read more

An Elegant Easter Tablescape

Setting An Elegant Easter Tablescape

Does your Easter Brunch table decor make you feel like you’re eating at the kid’s table? Let us help you to create an elegant and inviting Easter table with a sophisticated flair – not a pastel in sight!

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Creating Your “Dream” Backyard

Is your backyard your “dream” backyard?

It’s getting warmer and many of us are looking at our outdoor spaces and thinking of changes we’d like to make to enhance our outdoor experiences.  Whether your desired changes are big or small, now is the time to get moving on them so that you can have a summer of outdoor enjoyment.

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