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How To Be Happy

Let’s Get Happy!

Are you one of those people who is inherently happy?  Good for you! Most of us experience peaks and valleys of happiness and our goal is to make the peaks higher and more frequent, and the valleys shallow and few.  Happiness is sometimes an elusive goal, especially during stressful times (like during the holidays), or for people who suffer from clinical depression.  We all want to be happy, but how do we do it?

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Salad In A Jar!

No more excuses!

Today, we are taking away all your excuses for eating unhealthy, calorie rich, carbohydrate heavy meals.  Gracious Living Guide has a lunch “hack” that satisfies your need for quick, convenient, and healthy food options that you can make ahead.

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“Build Your Own” Mimosa Bar

Are you celebrating something special? You can’t celebrate without a bit of the bubbly, so why not showcase it in a fun and festive way. For less than $100, we can show you how to create a mimosa bar that is impressive and easy to do!

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Before You Burn: Grill vs. Barbecue

Photo source:  Bon Appetit

Grill vs. Barbecue

Are you ready for the high holy holiday of outdoor eating, the 4th of July? Backyards everywhere will be filled with smoke as grills are dusted off and put to use. But does everyone who dons an apron really know what to do with his/her spatula? Does he/she even know what the difference between grilling and barbecuing really is?

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Make Your Cut Flowers Last Twice As Long!

Longer Lasting Cut Flowers

You received a beautiful flower delivery.  Your happiness is tempered by the thought that they wont last.  You love flowers, but you hate that they die so quickly. What if I told you I could help you make your flowers last twice as long?

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