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It’s always nice when someone notices you, isn’t it?  And it’s especially nice when someone with a keen eye for design not only notices you, but features you on their platform. Read more

An Elegant Easter Tablescape

Setting An Elegant Easter Tablescape

Does your Easter Brunch table decor make you feel like you’re eating at the kid’s table? Let us help you to create an elegant and inviting Easter table with a sophisticated flair – not a pastel in sight!

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Creating Your “Dream” Backyard

Is your backyard your “dream” backyard?

It’s getting warmer and many of us are looking at our outdoor spaces and thinking of changes we’d like to make to enhance our outdoor experiences.  Whether your desired changes are big or small, now is the time to get moving on them so that you can have a summer of outdoor enjoyment.

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How To Order A Drink At A Bar Like Bond – Jane Bond.

How Is Your Bar Knowledge?

Anybody who went to college knows what a “shot” is, and has probably had more than their share of them. Gracious Girls, those days are long gone and it’s time to “up” your sophistication points. Knowing how to order a drink is one sure way to do that.  Learn what to expect when you order your drink “shaken, not stirred.”

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Tablescape Inspiration: The Orchid Dinner

Photo Credit:  @mrclintsmith (Instagram)
  • Tablescape Inspiration

    New York Botanical Garden Orchid Dinner


Unless this is your first time reading this blog, you know that I love a beautifully set table. This post contains some of the most beautiful and creative tables I’ve ever seen.

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10 Things Your Decorator Wants You to Know

10 Things Your Decorator Wants You To Know

There are a few things that are certain in life, death, taxes – and decorating a home. At some point in our lives, all of us either have been or will be required to decorate a home. If you are lucky, you can hire some professional help; if not, no worries! We have the inside scoop from the decorators themselves!

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